Iris Mittenaere in mourning: she announces the loss of a loved one to her heart…

modified: 2022-09-12 19:13:01

Iris Mittenaere has just announced the death of one of her relatives via Instagram. Sad news shared with his fans last Saturday.

  Iris Mittenaere

Former Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere confided in her fans that her grandmother, whom she affectionately called 'Mamé' made the big trip. Although the causes of death are not yet revealed, his touching words have earned him a ton of encouragement from the general public. These few lines provide you with the details on this scoop.

Iris Mittenaere parle de sa «Mamé»

The representative of France in the Miss Universe contest has a heavy heart because of an event that she did not expect. Iris Mittenaere and her grandmother had maintained a deep relationship. And his moving post testifies to it.

According to Iris Mittenaere: “Our queen Claudie, my universe. No sun will ever be able to replace the clarity of your eyes, nor the gold of your smile. Wait for us with waffles and cardamom jams, my little Mamé”. A text that says a lot about what they have experienced before.

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Another information was disclosed by Iris Mittenaere on what her grandmother thought of her participation in the contest Miss Univers . The grandmother was the only person who did not want her to participate. The reason is simple, the late Claudie only wants to be with his granddaughter for the last moments of his life.

Moreover, unlike many others who would have rejoiced after winning, Iris Mittenaere was afraid of the reaction of her grandmother. Still according to her: “My grandmother is going to kill me”. But that did not prevent the ex-Miss France from realizing her dreams.

A married life like in fairy tales

Despite the death of his Grandmother , Iris Mittenaere has also known happy days. A few weeks earlier, Diego El Glaoui, her husband, told her asked for her hand . Of course, the beauty queen said yes.

As Diego El Glaoui likes to do things big, he realized his request on the shores of Lake Como. And an Ring, atypical to say the least, was specially made by the entrepreneur to confess his love for her.

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The couple shared many photos showing their joy on social networks. Of course, Iris Mittenaere is a woman first, and like many she is very emotional . She cried like a baby for many hours.

On this subject, she writes: “I have not slept for a few days. I cried for 48 hours straight.” The couple are now considering horizons wider , after about 3 years of relationship.

Iris Mittenaere: A dazzling parcours!

Going from dentist to Miss Universe is by no means easy. Her parents and herself had other plans for Iris Mittenaere.

But as luck would have it, she participates in a regional contest as Miss. There follows a extraordinaire ascension to the highest point.

This is mainly due to the strength of character of Iris Mittenaere, who rose through the ranks by arming herself with her own values. But his family relationships also played an essential role.

The upheaval of the Miss Universe after the death of her 'Mamé' testifies to a united family that supports each other at all times.