Iris Mittenaere: the radical decision of the former Miss after the death of her grandmother…

modified: 2022-09-13 22:07:01

Highly appreciated by her fans, Iris Mittenaere is very active on the web. The decision she made recently could change that!

  Iris Mittenaere

There are many fans who follow Iris Mittenaere on the web. No matter what the influencer shares, these are always there. But the decision she has just made will surprise her subscribers. Especially on his presence on social networks.

Iris Mittanaere: Always present on social networks!

Decidedly, we can not say that Iris Mittenaere is not appreciated on the web. The young woman is best known to the general public after she was elected Miss Universe in 2016.
Currently, it is as an influencer that she continues to interact with her fans. Moreover, it seems to be working for her since she now has more than 3 million subscribers on Instagram.

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Very active on social networks , Iris Mittenaere enjoys sharing her life with her community. Her fans must have appreciated her publication of August 27, 2022. The beauty queen posted a photo of her with her companion Diego Sadoun El Mezouari El Glaoui .

A great moment of sa life since her lover has just made her a marriage proposal. As she confirmed in her caption, '...we figured it would be for life.'

A photo of the influencer making a pancake!

But Iris Mittenaere does not only share the important moments of her life. His fans surely remember his publication of the August 8, 2022 . In her post, the beauty queen wanted to show his side a little joking.
Apparently, the young woman made a joke about the color of her eyes. 'You know those people who tell you...'I have green eyes that turn turquoise in the sun,' she would say. And to add 'Yeah well we...brown eyes...they turn light brown'.

  Iris Mittenaere in mourning, she takes a radical decision that shocks the fans!
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Before this publication, there was also that of June 26, 2022 . That day, it was a photo of her on the beach that Iris Mittenaere shared. An opportunity to see the beauty queen making a pancake.
“There was no… pancake emoji,” she captioned. Which she then continued with 'so I put the pancakes or the kind of galette'. A little humor from Miss Univers 2016 .

Iris Mittenaere: She will no longer be on social networks?

If Iris Mittenaere shares so much, it's because she can always count on her fans to support her. However, this presence in social networks risks distracting her from all the things that are really important. This is surely why she made the decision about the internet lately. Especially since there was also the death of his grandmother who pushed him.

This is a very surprising announcement that Iris Mittenaere shared on her story this Sunday, September 11, 2022. Apparently, the influencer has decided to take time off from social media soon. The reason is that she wants to devote her time to her family . As she explained, 'I decided to spend... some family time.' A decision that will surely do good to the former beauty queen.