Isabèle Chevalier: who is the new investor in Who wants to be my partner?

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“Who wants to be my partner? came back to our screens. During this season, viewers were able to discover Isabèle Chevalier.

  Isabèle Chevalier: who is the new investor in Who wants to be my partner?

'Who wants to be my partner' returned to M6. On the occasion of this new edition, new entrepreneurs will present new projects . Viewers will also find a new juror. It is obviously Isabelle Chevalier, a businesswoman who has long made her way into the industry . Discover in this article its success story.

His inspiring journey

Isabella Knight studied at HEC Montréal where she graduated . For 25 years, she ran her family business, Bio-K+.

This businesswoman has spent several years researching probiotics . She is a very talented specialist in the manufacture and the sale of these specific products .

This woman of influence succeeded in developing the visibility of his company at the World level. She also managed to improve the effectiveness of Bio-K+ products . The latter then received the claims from Health Canada.

In order to improve the efficiency of the products of her family business, Isabèle Chevalier had to make a big decision . In 2020, she decides to sell Bio-K+.

This brilliant woman focuses on charitable causes , environmental and educational. She has been a volunteer with Board Member since 2018. This one assumes the role of co-presidents of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts . Isabèle Chevalier also joined the Canadian Health Food Association as a member of the board of directors.

Isabèle Chevalier in “Who wants to be my partner? »

The former CEO of Bio-K+ is now a coach, speaker, mentor and corporate director. His unparalleled experience allowed him to integrate the program 'In the eye of the dragon' , in Canada, in 2019. It is the French equivalent of “Who wants to be my partner? ' in Canada.

The entrepreneur became very good at making excellent judgments to project leaders. His advanced expertise has allowed him to keep this spot with the Canadian show for 4 years .

She could have stayed longer if she did not accept M6's offer to join the jurors of 'Who wants to be my partner? »

“We are cousins ​​with France, it is a logical continuation. When it was offered to me, I said yes without hesitation,” she said.

Isabella Knight is very involved in her new role as a juror , with Delphine André, Isabelle Weill, Sophie Mechaly, Anthony Bourbon, Eric Larchevêque, Marc Simoncini, Jean-Pierre Nadir and Anthony Bourbon.

“What I really like about this concept is that it promotes entrepreneurship. It makes a real difference for the local economy and it allows brands to be born, ”she said, happy to send investors to the program.

She wants to provide media support to project leaders . But above all, she has the firm intention of helping them to evolve.

“I love seeing the new entrepreneurs, the new ideas of young people pushed (…), these ideas which are innovative and which emerge. »

She has a very precise idea of ​​her identity as an investor . According to Isabèle Chevalier, investing “is having a cause that we are passionate about and that we want to help, to support . It's been part of who I've been for a long time. »

This generous woman also has an investment fund to finance businesses. A device that can be very interesting for project leaders .

What is the fortune of Isabelle Chevalier?

Isabella Knight remains very discreet about his personal fortune . She doesn't talk much about her plans. Although she has many, these are not all known to the public .

The former CEO did not disclose the amount that she obtained in exchange for Bio-K+ . That said, Kerry Group is Canada's second largest foreign-owned biotechnology company. As a reminder, such transactions amount to several million dollars .

In comparison, Clementia Pharmaceuticals was sold for $1.7 billion . Bio-K+ has long been ranked 1st in the Canadian market and 3rd in America. Its sale would probably have grossed nearly $2 billion .

Considering the activities of this active mother of three boys, his fortune should approach the billions of dollars . The co-producer of the show In the eye of the dragon made an interesting revelation about this. According to him, to make an offer to the candidates, you had to have at least a wallet of 200,000 dollars .

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