It starts today: Faustine Bollaert interrupts her show, her touching message live!

modified: 2022-09-14 13:10:01

Faustine Bollaert said stop during her show It starts today! Because of a guest!

  Faustine Bollaert

During the broadcast of his show, Faustine Bollaert upset one of her guests ! A moving moment that forced the host to stop the discussion! Find out the reason in this article!

Faustine Bollaert: The host of the show It starts today!

Faustine Bollaert is the presenter of the TV show 'It starts today' since its launch in 2017! As usual, the host receives various guests who wish to share their story on a specific topic.

Whether in the sentimental, family, friendly or professional environment. Guests talk about their experience and make some exchanges on the subject with other witnesses. And to help them, experts regularly intervene in the program to give advice.

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It starts today is a program that is broadcast on France 2. But on September 9, the program had a great moment of emotion. A moment that has trouble Faustine Bollaert. And therefore, the host gave a moment of respite for her and her guest.

A guest was upset on the set of the program!

Faustine Bollaert occupied the antenna of France 2 with her emission since 2017. And for Friday, September 9, the host exchanged a debate with his guest on the subject: 'They were only children when one of their parents committed suicide'.

And of course, in keeping with the theme, the presenter immediately delivered a moving message to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

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The situation was so overwhelming that a guest of Faustine Bollaert burst into tears on the program tray. Therefore, the animator was forced to stop the discussion to recover from her emotions.

Then to change the touching atmosphere, France 2 asked the presenter to change discussion and to talk about another subject that was not yet concluded. It was about the theme: “Their child suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome”! A good ride that diverted the attention of the public .

Faustine Bollaert: The listeners of the show have decreased!

After the discussion on this other subject, Faustine Bollaert took the opportunity to talk about It starts today , she explained that the program is losing its viewers!

Indeed, the show accused France 2 and testified that the audience for the program decrease by 1.4 points, in contrary to its September 2, 2022 broadcast. As a result, the magazine moved away by 0.2 points.

The reasons for the diminution of the show's audience is compared to TF1's fictional offer. And after this degradation, the public fell by 1.34 million, that is to say 18.3% of viewers.

In conclusion, Faustine Bollaert is an animator professional very understanding. Even if sometimes, she gets too involved in the subject of discussion and is often very emotional. Despite all that, this presenter still knows how to improvise. It is also thanks to her that we are watching It begins today.