Jacques Legros balances on his 'tense relations' with Jean-Pierre Pernaut: 'We were not friends'!

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While Jean-Pierre Pernaut lost his life recently, his joker Jacques Legros made big revelations.

  Jean-Pierre Pernaut

After more than 30 years of career , Jean-Pierre Pernaut lost his life following a serious illness. Star of the JT broadcast on TF1, he leaves behind him an admiring public and a family in mourning. On October 4, 2022, another journalist will nevertheless release a book revealing behind the scenes of TF1 news . Indeed, Jacques Legros was neither the friend nor the rival of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. But he provided his replacements for almost 24 years

Jean-Pierre Pernaut, a missing PAF legend

During his long career, Jean-Pierre Pernaut has marked the spirit of the French . His trademark ? A sincere passion for French culture and its specificities regional . Thus, he often honored all the departments of France .

Without doing too much, Jean-Pierre Pernaut wanted to evoke the beauty of local traditions and crafts . The journalist has even devoted several works to our beautiful country such as At the heart of our regions (2006) or France of flavors (2007).

However, his state of health declined from the year 2018. However, Jean-Pierre Pernaut has long held to fulfill his role on the JT . Jacques Legros, who provided his replacements for years , testifies on this will of fe actually, confined during the Covid crisis , the star journalist did not want to give up.
“So we had set up an automatic mini-studio for him in his home. But he wanted to keep the leading role and was pushing the team more than necessary.'

Indeed, if Jacques Legros lived a long collaboration with Jean-Pierre Pernaut, she sometimes experienced tensions .

« For my part, I never knew what he was going to talk about. He was reluctant to share. He wanted more and more to take control of the whole newspaper. I was starting to boil inside, until one day I burst out, gathered my things, and headed back to the parking lot and my car. Since he wanted to do the newspaper for me, let him come and do it! »

Jacques Legros reveals the strong character of this great journalist

With a certain modesty, the joker does not hide anything from the particular temperament of Jean-Pierre Pernaut . Indeed, Jacques Legros can also boast of having had a great career on TF1. Thus, he has been working on the first channel since 1997.

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And for years he presented the journal from 1 p.m., with the shadow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut hovering over him .
“Having been his joker for 24 years without a single editorial clash is a source of pride. But I know he was itching to comment on my diary. He never spoke to me directly. The editors have always been able to spare the susceptibilities. Except once…”

between the two men, Jean-Pierre Pernaut's passion for control thus resulted in slight clashes during the period of the pandemic. However, Jacques Legros evokes his former colleague with some respect.
'We weren't friends, but neither were we enemies. I would just say that our relationship was more distant and less smooth than one might have imagined. His presence was rarely heavy. »

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