Jean-Jacques Goldman almost died: this terrible accident that could have killed him!

modified: 2022-09-16 20:26:02

Unlike other celebrities who make their private life a springboard for more visibility, Jean-Jacques Goldman does not like to take this path. But this time, a detail concerning his youthful life has been revealed to his fans.

  Jean-Jacques Goldman

Jean-Jacques Goldman is an icon of French music. His success is due to his perseverance and his passion for the profession. This has earned him numerous collaborations with other renowned artists. But did you know that the songwriter could have had a tragic end long before he was launched?

Jean-Jacques Goldman: An artist with unlimited potential

For a few years, Jean-Jacques Goldman has been somewhat eclipsed by news . It must be said that statements about his private life are not his forte. On the contrary, he prefers to remain discreet. Maybe that's why he's been so successful in his career.

As a reminder, Jean-Jacques Goldman has tens of millions of albums sold to his credit. Legendary titles like 'I give you' or 'When the music is good” are the main causes. Even today, many singers perform the titles of Jean-Jacques Goldman.

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But what has contributed the most to the popularity of Jean-Jacques Goldman is his contribution to The bastards . A show whose objective is to bring a daily meal to people the poorest through Les Restos du Cœur. Through this noble cause, but also thanks to his particular personality, Jean-Jacques Goldman was elected several times as the favorite personality of the French.

Despite his complicated relationship with his son, Jean-Jacques Goldman is behind the success many other artists. He writes them songs, offers them a melody and, in part, made them who they are today. He also remains as close as possible to his admirers via his publications on Twitter which cause many interactions.

His life was unexpectedly preserved

The story takes place when Jean-Jacques Goldman is still young. From high school, he wanted to break into the world of French music and founded various groups. His preference was rock , even if it opens up to other horizons now.

At the time, he founded 'The Phalansters', a group relatively popular among the youth of yesteryear. Moreover, the latter managed to land several performances. It was precisely during one of them that the morbid story took place. Jean Bender, the childhood friend of Jean-Jacques Goldman, tells in a few lines of his book entitled 'It will suffice of a sign'.

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The group had to play in a building very popular with the public. But because of, or thanks to a busy schedule , they could not honor their commitment. Another troop took their place. While the evening was going well, an in fire broke out in the building.

According to the details mentioned by Jean Bender: 'Their agenda overload saved their lives: on November 1, 1970, 146 young people died in the fire at 5-7, a nightclub near Grenoble. Phalansters (Jean-Jacques Goldman's rock band) had been replaced at the last moment”.

Jean-Jacques Goldman was not discouraged

Like any other empathic human being, the tragic accident has deeply touched the artist with timeless success. However, that did not stop him from continuing his route .

Even if Jean Bender does not evoke the feelings of Jean-Jacques Goldman on the story, everyone can guess it.

Nevertheless, this story gave a boost of energy to the author of “Family”. Perhaps it is in honor of all the deceased. Or his passion for music was stronger than anything.