Jean-Jacques Goldman happy that his son is participating in the Star Academy? New revelations!

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Jean-Jacques Goldman has definitely left the podium as his son begins to shine in Star Academy. Let's find out his reaction.

  Jean-Jacques Goldman

Apparently, the expression: 'Like father, like son' was not created by chance. It makes sense in real life! In the case of Jean-Jacques Goldman, this genetic magic does indeed exist. After the father retired, his worthy heir is following in his footsteps. Among other things, the eldest of the singer will make his way to stardom. He chose to do it in Star Academy. What does the one who inspired him on this path say?

Jean-Jacques Goldman transmitted his passion for music to his son!

In the world of music, the name of Jean-Jacques Goldman no longer goes unnoticed. It is undeniable that she is a muse of French song. His works always remain anchored through time and space.

Even more, now that he has retired from the front of the stage! Today's generation appreciates Jean-Jacques Goldman and continues to be the ambassador of six compositions. If he left a beautiful cultural heritage to his fans , they are not the only chosen ones in this story.

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On the side of his relatives, there is also one who has to thank him for his incredible gift. Who is it ? We are talking about the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman! Yes, he does have one heir which proudly bears his name. His name is “Michael Goldman”!

Only, we rarely hear about him, because he has not lived so much with the singer. Since his divorce from his first wife, the artist has been separated from his children. This is why Jean-Jacques Goldman only had his 3 daughters with Nathalie with him. Michael loves the world musical like his father. Hence his job as a producer!

The eldest of the singer will be a jury in Star Académy!

Indeed, news is circulating about the possibility of Star Academy returning to the screen. Here, we are proud to officially announce that it is correct! In addition, the launch date has already been set.

So, this is scheduled for October 15 on TF1 . Don't miss this idyllic rendezvous! The other big news is that the filming will take place in exactly the same place as in the past. In other words, you will find the decor of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys!

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Star Academy will therefore resurface in a more attractive way this year. We discovered that a surprise guest will be at the party. The production decided to entrust the controls of the exclusivity to a special character . It is none other than the producer Michael, son of Jean-Jacques Goldman!

Since the announcement of this news, many are fascinated to know the opinion of the interpreter of “I will go after my dreams”. According to the Parisian, Michael Goldman would have confessed to them that Jean-Jacques Goldman would be proud of him and would have congratulated him!

Jean-Jacques Goldman: His son would have been fixated on this dream for years!

Admittedly, Michael Goldman has been raised away from a paternal role model for years. However, it is impossible to deny that he has the same traits of temper than his father.

With the sole exception of his reserved personality! As for the love of music, no genetic test can deny that it is indeed the blood of Jean-Jacques Goldman.

According to his revelations to the Parisian, the eldest of Jean-Jacques Goldman stipulated that being a producer was his childhood dream . Michael has always wanted to rub shoulders with artists in his life. What pushed him more to become a talent scout!

By the same occasion , he explains his presence in Star Academy this year. Moreover, its objective is to scrutinize these budding singers, to supervise them and help them to excel in the field.