Jean-Jacques Goldman: his daughter Nina confides in her sister Caroline Goldman

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In addition to his brilliant career, Jean-Jacques Goldman had 6 children. Among them, Nina and Caroline have become renowned doctors.

  Jean-Jacques Goldman: his daughter Nina confides in her sister Caroline Goldman

This artist has not only many successes to his credit . He also signed the lyrics of the songs for the greatest, like Patricia Kaas or Johnny Hallyday . But for several years, Jean-Jacques Goldman shows up less and less. In recent years, the singer has simply participated in recordings and performances of the association Les Enfoirés. Indeed, the star chose to prioritize your family and distance yourself from the scene . It must be said that this author-performer had 6 children. And 3 of them were able to become adults, known to the general public. For better or for worse. his last days, his daughter Nina made some revelations about his other daughter, Caroline .

The First Marriage of Jean-Jacques Goldman

In 2001, the singer married Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier. From this union three daughters were born: Maya born in 2004, Kimi born in 2005 and Rose who was born in 2007 . But Jean-Jacques Goldman already knew the joys of fatherhood since 1975.

Indeed, the artist had a first wife, Catherine Morlet , psychologist. After their nuptials, the couple welcomed Caroline right away, followed by Michael in 1979 and Nina in 1985. Nowadays, all three have reached adulthood. Thereby, Michael Goldman works as a music producer . But the general public discovered it in 2022, through its functions as director of the Star Academy . The least we can say is that the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman. But the singer's two grown-up daughters have chosen a medical career , like their mother.

Caroline Goldman: controversial positions

The eldest daughter of Jean-Jacques Goldman has always played a big role with the rest of the siblings. Subsequently, Caroline followed fine studies, to the point of becoming doctor of clinical child psychology . During her career, she also had the opportunity to intervene in shows like Under Plato's Sun or The Kindergarten House .

However, Caroline also met with heavy criticism. Indeed, the daughter of Jean-Jacques Goldman advocates an education with clear limits. It is positioned against the current of benevolent education, which is very fashionable these days. Also, his little sister, Nina Goldman, a pediatrician, came to her defense in an interview given to the newspaper point . And she painted the portrait of an exemplary big sister, 'always ready to serve as a spokesperson for the siblings' .

For her part, the eldest daughter of Caroline Goldman recognizes that she did not have an education with iron discipline. 'I wasn't punished when I was little. I was even very hard on my younger brother Michael. » Having become a mother of 4 children, she now has solid expertise in child psychology. But some do not hesitate to call her a bogeyman . This reputation comes from his favorable opinion concerning certain punishments. Her relatives see her as a pleasant and humorous person. far from the strict and austere image that some wish to give of her.

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