Jean-Jacques Goldman: how he contributed to the rebirth of Florent Pagny

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Today, the friend of Jean-Jacques Goldman is ranked among the most famous French artists. But he had some lows in his career.

  Jean-Jacques Goldman: how he contributed to the rebirth of Florent Pagny

Florent Pagny, emblematic artist of French song, canceled his concerts in 2022 for health problems . When he announces to his fans that he is fighting cancer, the latter did not hesitate to support him . Lately, the singer claims that he is on the road to recovery and will start singing again in a few months. In the meantime, on Sunday January 1, 2023, fans were able to watch a documentary dedicated to him . This film, broadcast on TF1, brings together the testimony of his relatives. We learn more about his fight against his illness, his loves and his friendships. We tell you this time where he went up the slope thanks to Jean-Jacques Goldman after hitting the ground.

The beginnings of Florent Pagny as an artist

Florent Pagny was born in 1961. Growing up, this one develops a powerful voice . He is thus inspired by Gérard Lenorman, Johnny Hallyday and Michel Sardou.

His mother rather steered Jean-Jacques Goldman's great friend into opera singing when she enrolled him at the Levallois-Perret Conservatory at the age of 15. For a long time, he works there on his baritone voice .

Nevertheless, Florent Pagny did not break through immediately . He did not have the minimum network necessary to start his career as an artist. He does odd jobs to get by .

His life will change when he meets the agent Dominique Besnehard , at The Broad, a bar club in Paris. Florent Pagny had approached him when he was working there as a waiter. In 1982, Florent Pagny landed a role in a musical on Antenne 2, Télé folies tous en Chaîne. From there, he wins supporting roles in the cinema . This was the case for L'As des aces, with Jean-Paul Belmondo or even Fort Saganne with Gérard Depardieu.

Through the castings that the friend of Jean-Jacques Goldman passed, he met Patrick Bruel . They become friends and in 1984, the latter releases a single titled “Fed up with this girl” .

Florent Pagny is inspired. He also launches into the song . At the time, he had a huge crush on Bette Midler's title, The Rose. He replays a few chords of this music on the piano. However, he opts for hard-hitting lyrics. He talks about drugs and the ravages of this substance on comedian Riton Liebman , they are friends

This first single is called 'N'importe quoi' and sells over 700,000 copies , in 1988, shortly after its release. The same year, Florent Pagny obtains the Male Revelation Victory .

His descent into hell before his meeting with Jean-Jacques Goldman

After a phenomenal success on his song 'N'importe quoi', Florent Pagny starts dating the very young Vanessa Paradis . The two artists met through the filming of the show 'Magic Journey' at Disney World on TF1.

Florent Pagny falls very quickly under the spell of the diva. Their romance is a dream and the media got involved . This story pushes the singer to start a new song titled 'Rolling Press in 1990'.

This title containing the singer's reproaches against the people newspapers, has clouded his notoriety . From there, his career plummeted. Then Vanessa Paradis decides to leave him after living with him for two and a half years .

Florent Pagny meets Kad Merad on Ouï FM, who at the time was a radio presenter. The two men befriend . Thanks to the support of his new friend, Florent Pagny begins to rebuild .

He was also able to count on his great friend Philippe Starck, designer. This last him offers a 50m2 house in Issy-les-Moulineaux , more precisely, on the island of Saint-Germain.

The rebirth of Florent Pagny thanks to Jean-Jacques Goldman

Florent Pagny “had a bad reputation” , said Kad Merad. His wife Azucena Caamano , confirmed these statements by recalling this dinner in 1992, when she met her future husband .

“When we met, everyone told me he was a finished singer,” she says.

Despite everything, the model and talented painter, listens to his heart and maintains a love affair with the singer . Thanks to the support of Azucena, Florent Pagny finally feels ready to return to the stage .

He sees things big and contact Jean-Jacques Goldman to write him songs.

“I asked him once, he refused me. And then I insisted, and then he also saw me in a bit of a difficult moment. He wanted to give me a hand and he succeeded! '.

For this, Florent Pagny respected the condition of Jean-Jacques Goldman , that of keeping his identity secret under the pseudonym of Sam Brewski. In exchange, the artist wrote two songs for him in his single 'Stay true', including 'If you want to try me'.

These two titles are a huge success, enough to relaunch the career of Florent Pagny .

'Jean-Jacques Goldman was decisive in the rebirth, even the birth of Florent Pagny,' said Patrick Bruel.

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