Jean-Jacques Goldman: how the singer seduced Celine Dion to work together

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Before the 2000s, Jean-Jacques Goldman was able to collaborate on an entire album with Celine Dion.

  Jean-Jacques Goldman: how the singer seduced Celine Dion to work together

The year 1995, in March precisely, marked the release of an album called D'eux produced and written by Jean-Jacques Goldman. Quickly, this album in collaboration with Celine Dion quickly became the best-selling French-language album with ten million copies . We'll explaine everything here.

Jean-Jacques Goldman, his collaboration with Celine Dion

It remains in the early 1990s that the very famous singer Celine Dion began to make herself well known. And this career Jean-Jacques Goldman followed her very closely . He seemed to have understood the potential of the young woman of the time. He remained convinced that she was going to play a very important role in the world of French song for a while. So very quickly Jean-Jacques Goldman takes the first step and decides to contact her through her manager at the time, René Angélil .

Thus, Jean-Jacques Goldman very quickly offered him to join the Enfoirés troupe, which he created after the death of Coluche. This project was very close to the heart of the artist who had listened to Coluche's wish to see the troupe created. Thereby, he offers her to sing the title Over There . And quickly, he wanted to write an entire album just for this future star. Unfortunately, he had competition, because Luc Plamondon had already composed for her and in French. But, it would be very bad to know Jean-Jacques Goldman to believe that he was going to give up so quickly . He therefore decides to make models for her so that she can see what it is all about. And quickly, he begins a colossal work. He inquires with his record company, listens to and reads the interviews of Celine Dion in order to better cerner .

The work of apart towards Celine Dion

It remains in an interview for the newspaper Liberation in March 1995 that he explains everything he had to do. “ In the meantime, my vision of his voice has evolved. I had a very 'traditional French song' feeling and I realized that it had a rhythm'n'blues register ”. Quickly, the singer and her manager decided to go see Jean-Jacques Goldman in the studio to work together. And quickly, love at first sight took place.

Jean-Jacques Goldman has achieved his goal, he signs the agreement to write an entire album for the singer. And, while the latter was supposed to have only nine songs, it ended up having twelve. It was the start of a great collaboration. . Since together, the album quickly sold many copies. It even became one of the best-selling French-language albums.

But it didn't all end there. Jean-Jacques Goldman was able to continue collaborating with Celine Dion until 1998 . He therefore wrote for her, If it is enough to love, Celine Dion's nineteenth album. in 2003 , the collaboration between the two artists resumes for 1 girl & 4 types. And again recently, in 2016, he writes for her Encore un soir. All these titles seemed very well received by the public. At the same time, genius artists together could only do good collaborations.

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