Jean-Jacques Goldman: return to this tragedy which could have been fatal to him

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The big star, Jean-Jacques Goldman, could have faced a serious accident during his youth. We tell you everything!

  Jean-Jacques Goldman: return to this tragedy which could have been fatal to him

All French people know Jean-Jacques Goldman. One of the favorite French personalities on the territory. The latter, through his music, knew how to upset the French people but in particular their musical tastes. Over the years, the latter has created an undeniable immense career. It should be noted that Jean-Jacques Goldman prefers to remain quite discreet. And this, especially on the various subjects of his private life. However, during a terrible fire in his youth, the French star was close to death . Indeed, he was very scared in 1970. And this, when he narrowly avoided an accident that would undoubtedly have been fatal to him. We'll explaine everything here !

Jean-Jacques Goldman was close to death

Jean-Jacques Goldman will forever be known as one of the favorite French personalities of the French. Indeed, through his music, he knew how to gather whole crowds. However, it should be noted that despite his notoriety, he remains rather discreet. And this, in particular about his private life. Indeed, as a big French star, he seems to have only his private life for himself. For many years, Jean-Jacques Goldman made part of the Enfoirés. I have to say that his immense career lacked nothing. He knew how to receive everything he wanted over the years. The latter has even worked for the greatest. And this, such as Johnny Hallyday, Céline Dion, or even Florent Pagny… As a composer, he was able to write many hits for other French stars. A part of his career that he will never regret!

However, by dint of living in the shadow of many other stars, Jean-Jacques Goldman began to feel a little neglected. So he made the decision to go out albums and songs of his own, to great success. And this, during the 80s. It should be added that this great artist upset the relationship to music of the French in the 80s. We cannot therefore forget to mention titles such as One more morning or I give you . On the other hand, before his solo career, it must be said that Jean-Jacques Goldman was part of a rock band. Indeed, during his youth, he founded, with friends, the rock band The Phalansters. Know that his music group had some success in the 70s. Together, they performed on various dates and in many places.

An event that could have been fatal

While Jean-Jacques Goldman was performing with his rock band, The Phalansters, he was close to death. In effect, the rock group was then to go on stage, in 1970 , for a concert. Know that it is not Jean-Jacques Goldman who evoked this traumatic event of his career but more precisely of his youth. Indeed, these details about his private life had to come from someone else. Thus, in 2021, Jean Bender, the childhood friend of Jean-Jacques Goldman, wrote a book. In this book, named A sign will suffice, We then find an anecdote about the youth of the artist. It seems that the latter has nearly died in a terrible fire when he was scheduled to play with his rock band, The Phalansters.

In the work of the artist's childhood friend, we find a striking anecdote. « Their overloaded agenda saved their lives: on November 1, 1970, 146 young people died in the fire at 5-7, a nightclub near Grenoble. Phalansters (Jean-Jacques Goldman's rock band) had been replaced at the last moment “, had therefore entrusted the latter to our colleagues from Parisian. This lack of time in the artist's diary therefore clearly saved his life. Despite this horrible accident, it seems that it only did encourage the artist to go to the end of his dreams . « For three years, Jean-Jacques Goldman was never discouraged “, therefore confided Jean Bender. This accident that almost took his life only gave him more motivation to succeed in everything he intended to undertake. Proof that it worked!

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