Jean-Jacques Goldman reveals his secret garden: what you need to know about his houses in London and Marseille!

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Jean-Jacques Goldman is a muse of French music. His biography can surely still amaze you!

  Jean-Jacques Goldman

Jean-Jacques Goldman is an artist who will forever mark the history of music. We know that he has already withdrawn from spotlights in 2016. However, his name and works still continue to shine on the front of the stage . His great career is not easily forgotten despite his discreet temperament. It is precisely because of this that people want to know more about him . Hang on, because we're going to let you into his secret garden!

Jean-Jacques Goldman: Who is he in reality?

Admittedly, Jean-Jacques Goldman is a celebrity very famous in the world. His homely nature prevents him from fully revealing himself to the public. So far, we only know him through the information he wants to share to others. There, we will make you travel in his past! Born October 11, 1951 in Paris, he obtained a scientific baccalaureate and continued with business studies in Lille.

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Once his studies were completed, Jean-Jacques Goldman changed direction to music . He started his career in band . His first success on stage was with the Thaï Phong troupe. It was just in 1981 that he decided to go his own way. Thanks to his good handling of instruments, he discovered another talent in composition. Like being a singer , he also collaborated with other artists in this direction.

How is he behind the cameras?

Like lots of stars, Jean-Jacques Goldman has a life outside of his career. Only, he does not talk about it too much to avoid indiscretions. The interpreter of “Like you” already married twice in her life . He is also a father. L' artist has six children, three of whom are the fruit of his first relationship. While the last three are her daughters with Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier! This is a teacher.

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Jean-Jacques Goldman adores her daughters Rose, Maya and Kimi . He could not enjoy his elders after the divorce with his ex-wife. Which made him a very loving father! He could even sacrifice his career retiring very early love for his children. Even far from the podiums, the trace of the singer in the world of music remains indelible. The Goldman generation and the bastards will always be there to mark its course!

Jean-Jacques Goldman: A very rich star, but very modest!

The great reputation of Jean-Jacques Goldman should have made him fortunate. Remember that he had a very beautiful career in this job ! In addition, countless collaborations that he knew with Michel Sardou , Johnny, Celine Dion and the others had to report to him. Currently living in London, he always leads a simple and humble life!

Why did Jean-Jacques Goldman drop everything to leave the world of music ? In retirement, we hope to give the best to our family as compensation years at work. What you may not know is that this artist praises two luxurious residences ! One in London and the other in Marseilles. According to Figaro, the lease contract for these is 50,000 euros per month! So, what do you think ?