Jean Lassalle: guest at Jordan de Luxe, he talks about his weight loss of 32 kilos

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Recently, on the set of 'Chez Jordan', Jean Lassalle indulged in a few secrets about his family. We tell you everything.

  Jean Lassalle: guest at Jordan de Luxe, he talks about his weight loss of 32 kilos

This Wednesday, February 15, Jean Lassalle was on the set of the C8 show 'At Jordan's'. Thus, faced with its host, Jordan de Luxe, the politician notably mentioned what those close to him think of his career . For this, the former presidential candidate talked about his wife, Pascale, and their four children .

His wife does not like pictures and TVs

Jean Lassalle is a well-known face in the French political landscape . He is known in particular for his jokes, his famous song at the National Assembly or his hunger strike.

Moreover, the politician returned to the latter during its passage on C8 . To do this, the guest of Jordan de Luxe on his show 'Chez Jordan' talked about the woman of his life .

“Pascale Lassalle does not like images, does not like TVs. She was not a big fan already, but it is since the hunger strike that I had done in the National Assembly, 39 days, and I lost 32 kilos, ”began Jean Lassalle.

This before adding:

“My wife has seen how many journalists and many commentators behaved well with me, but there are others who humiliated me as well. And there were political colleagues as well. And since that time, she can't stand it. »

Jean Lassalle: his children and politics

You should know that Jean Lassalle has four children with his wife Pascale . If the latter keeps its distance from the media and political universe, what about their offspring ? Well, it's the same!

Still facing Jordan de Luxe, the 60-year-old revealed:

“Ah, but my children absolutely do not want to hear about politics. None. And besides, they don't watch TV. »

This before indicating that the last presidential election annoyed these . Indeed, the media treatment of their father would have hurt them. As Jean Lassalle says, he would not have had the same exposure as his political competitors .

'It's not the fight because they are fighters, it's the lack of fairness,' he regretted.

Before continuing:

“I had 5 hours of exposure to TV, to be compared with 220 hours of Mélenchon, of Zemmour. That's what hurts. We really want to reduce you so that you don't go out. There is even worse than not being exposed, it is the opinion pollsters who also belong to the same. »

His tender words for his son Thibault

During his time on the set of C8, Jean Lassalle did not fail to address tender words for one of his sons. Note that the politician nicknamed him “the rugby player”. Visibly moved, his father describes him as 'a great guy' .

“He is stronger than me, 18 years old and a professional in rugby. I am very proud of him,” summed up Jean Lassalle.

These words full of tenderness will certainly go straight to the heart of Thibault Lassalle .

The humor of Jean Lassalle rewarded

Whatever one thinks of the politicians, we must all the same recognize that some have a sense of humor . Whether it's intentional humor or not. In this regard, last year, the jury of the “Press club, humor and politics” prize awarded the funniest phrases of 2022 .

Moreover, did you know that in a second series of six “little sentences”, the name of Jean Lassalle was selected? The media Europe 1, with AFP, listed these six quotes in an article on June 27, 2022 . Here they are.

Rachida Dati, former minister, addressing Anne Hidalgo at the Council of Paris, May 31, 2022:

“Your presence at the Council of Paris is as anecdotal as your score in the presidential election. »

Richard Ferrand, former President of the National Assembly , in The Chained Duck:

“Élisabeth Borne is great, but no one knows it. »

John Lassalle, former presidential candidate , on BFMTV, April 1, 2022:

“I am a candidate, because otherwise I would not have known who to vote for. »

Édouard Philippe, former Prime Minister, on Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in Sud-Ouest on May 29, 2022:

“It takes a certain audacity for someone who has been defeated in an election where he was a candidate to think that he will be elected in an election where he is not a candidate! »

Sandrine Rousseau, MP for Paris, in Madmoizelle on March 21, 2022:

“I would like there to be a possibility of a crime of not sharing household chores. »

Andre Santini, former minister, in Le Point on March 25, 2022 :

“My party supports Valérie Pécresse because she is committed to extending line 12 of the metro to the Pont de Meudon. »

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