Jean Lassalle: In debt? The politician talks about the state of his bank account

modified: 2023-02-17 21:25:02

Jean Lassalle is the transparent type. Recently, facing Jordan de Luxe, he reveals his retirement pension, but also mentioned his debts.

  Jean Lassalle: In debt? I'homme politique évoque l'état de son compte bancaire

Many French people believe that Jean Lassalle is not like other politicians . Indeed, the former presidential candidate is characterized in particular by his transparency and openness to others . He showed it recently.

It was during his visit to the program 'Chez Jordan' broadcast on C8. Thus, the guest of Jordan de Luxe indulged in a few confidences . The politician, for example, revealed that he is in debt. We tell you everything in this article.

Jean Lassalle on his standard of living

Money is a taboo subject in France. Paradoxically, the question always comes up when talking about personalities . Especially when it comes to politicians. Indeed, many wonder about the income they receive .

You should know that in France, a deputy of the Republic receives a monthly salary of 7239.91 euros gross . This is what the La finance pour tous website tells us. In any case, the sum is well above the median salary In France.

According to INSEE data, in 2020, the average monthly salary in full-time equivalent, in the private sector, was 2,520 euros . It should be noted that this is indeed the salary net of contributions and social security contributions.

However, the daily life of politicians is not always rosy . On this subject, Jean Lassalle made astonishing revelations when Jordan de Luxe received him as a guest. The 67 year old man talked about his financial situation .

“My account at Crédit Agricole is at less than 10,000 euros,” he said.

Jean Lassalle overwhelmed by charges

Far from being content with this revelation, the presenter of the show “Chez Jordan” dug into the question. With his usual outspokenness, Jean Lassalle unpacked everything ! Here is what Jordan de Luxe asked his guest:

“How much do you earn per month? »

To which the principal concerned responds by:

“Currently, I am retired. I don't know, I must be around 6,500 euros. »

Plot, the host questions him again :

“Do you earn 7,000 euros a month? »

A question to which Jean Lassalle replies:

“Yes, not quite”

The sexagenarian did not fail to make his point clear . According to him, he would face several “charges”. In particular because of the loans he would have made .

“I borrowed several times to keep my Résistons movement alive,” he explained.

Jean Lassalle “a little bit” in debt

deluxe jordan could not remain indifferent to the revelations of Jean Lassalle . He therefore asks his guest bluntly if he was in debt today.

'A little bit…' he admitted.

Despite this, the politician wanted to reassure viewers by saying :

“But I will work again to rebalance the accounts. I say it willingly because we have to know that a deputy is not necessarily Byzantium. »

The least we can say, it is that the former mayor knows how to relativize . Indeed, he recognizes that there are worse situations than his. We also note that these are not the only revelations that Jean Lassalle did in 'Chez Jordan'.

Revelations about his wife Pascale

Besides his standard of living, Jean Lassalle also confided in his family life . In particular, he revealed some details about his wife and their four children. According to her, the latter does not see the media world in a good light .

“Pascale Lassalle does not like images, does not like TVs. She was not a big fan already, but it is since the hunger strike that I had done in the National Assembly, 39 days, and I lost 32 kilos, ”he explained.

And to add:

“My wife has seen how many journalists and many commentators behaved well with me, but there are others who humiliated me as well. And there were political colleagues as well. And since that time, she can't stand it. »

You will have understood it, the wife of Jean Lassalle not a big fan of politics . What about their children? It's not better, because none plan to follow in their father's footsteps in politics .

“Ah, but my children absolutely do not want to hear about politics. None. And besides, they don't watch TV, ”revealed Jean Lassalle.

That is clear !

Source : Marie-France