Jean-Luc Reichmann: his nod to his in-laws present on the set of 12 noon shots

modified: 2022-12-27 13:43:02

Recently, Jean-Luc Reichmann was able to present the special episode of his show for Christmas Eve Les 12 coups de Noël.

  Jean-Luc Reichmann: his nod to his in-laws present on the set of 12 noon shots

For Jean-Luc Reichmann this Christmas was very special. It must be said that the facilitator remains a man with a big heart with a great sense of family. But, this year 2022, will not have been made only of joy. It turns out that a few months ago, his mother passed away. A difficult moment for the host who took many days before being able to announce it on his Instagram account . So inevitably, this Christmas was going to be very different without her. But that doesn't stop him from showing his love to those present for him , like his in-laws. We'll explaine everything here.

The 12 strokes of Christmas

Especially for Christmas Eve, Jean-Luc Reichmann has decided to animate a somewhat special version of 12 noon shots. These are the 12 shots of Christmas . The concept remains pretty much the same. Earn money by just answering questions. But, that still changes a bit. Indeed, the candidates that evening remained personalities. We found for example Florent Peyre and the actress Michèle Bernier . Both remained team leaders.

But also, the kitty was not theirs. In addition to having a good time on Jean-Luc Reichmann's set and with the viewers, the kitty went directly to a good cause, the Restos du Cœur . Indeed, this year even more than the previous one, the Restos du Cœur need help. This year, 12% more French people have had to go there.

many guests

Thus, the two team leaders had to answer questions asked by Jean-Luc Reichmann. But, to get the best possible answers, they were able to count on the help of former midday masters, such as Blandine or Bruno . But also on the current midday master Stéphane . This way, they had a better chance of winning a big pot for a good cause while having fun.

In addition to that, Jean-Luc Reichmann was able to receive great benefits. For example, we found the singer Tayc who was able to make himself known on TF1 with his participation in Dance with the Stars . And, from the stars of the number one channel, the students of Star Academy. On the other hand, if the public seemed happy to see them, a point was all spoiled. It turns out that the students actually only did playback . A big disappointment for the public.

Jean-Luc Reichmann, his beautiful tribute

But the disappointment soon gave way to laughter and emotions . It must be said that with guests like Florent Peyre and Michèle Bernier, or even the fall of Jean-Luc Reichmann, there was plenty to laugh about. And in terms of feelings, the host has also given. As we know, for him, this Christmas was surely quite complex. For the first time since his birth, he was going to live without his mother. Fortunately, he can count on the support of other members of his family. Like his parents-in-law, the parents of his wife Nathalie.

And these last ones held to attend the special of Jean-Luc Reichmann on this December 24th. So, during the show, the host took a break to pay tribute to them. He then said “ Behind you, you have the queen of mothers-in-law, Roselyne. The most beautiful mother-in-law in life. She is accompanied by JC ”. This, adding “ I love them a lot ”. An emotional moment very quickly changed by the intervention of Florent Peyre and his inimitable humor “ I much prefer to spend my evening with you than with the other jerks in my family ”. So enough to make the set start laughing again.

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