Jean-Luc Reichmann: still affected by the disappearance of his mother, he thanks the hospital staff

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Barely a few months ago, Jean-Luc Reichmann saw his dear mother go away, a moment that was still painful.

  Jean-Luc Reichmann: still affected by the disappearance of his mother, he thanks the hospital staff

This Saturday, January 7, Jean-Luc Reichmann was able to be invited to the set of the program “Quelle époque!” on France 2. During this passage, the host elected as one of the favorite personalities of the French was able to approach a difficult moment in the year 2022. Indeed, during the summer, Jean-Luc Reichmann lost his mother . A very difficult moment to live for him who always remained so close to her. He took the opportunity to address this subject to also thank the hospital staff who were able to take care of her. We'll explaine everything here.

A difficult ordeal

This year 2022 will have been rich in emotion for Jean-Luc Reichmann. If he was lucky enough to be awarded a documentary on his person on TF1, he also lost loved ones. This may have been the case of the famous journalist Jean-Pierre Pernaut . It seemed that the two men remained close. On the set of 12 noon shots , the facilitator has even admitted to having received a letter of wishes from the widow of the latter. And with, a beautiful shot of them both, laughing. The opportunity therefore for the host to pay tribute to him, as well as to his family.

But, in addition to this friend, Jean-Luc Reichmann suffered a very big loss, that of his mother Josette. Indeed, the host remained very close to his mother. We saw it in particular in the documentary Jean-Luc Reichmann, an extraordinary destiny. It seemed very difficult not to see how proud and admiring this woman could be of her son, especially with his career. . When Jean-Luc Reichmann had the biggest accident of his life, she never wavered. His mother was always there for him. So this summer, when she left, for Jean-Luc Reichmann, it seemed her world was falling apart .

It took a long time to realize. But also to announce it to its subscribers. Of course, after this announcement, the host received many messages of support and condolence. But, only a few months later came Christmas . A party where the family usually gets together. It therefore remained the first time he spent it without his mother. A difficult moment for the host who, before being a father or husband, remains a son.

Jean-Luc Reichmann, a much less joyful Christmas

During his stint on the France 2 broadcast, Jean-Luc Reichmann was able to address this subject , the disappearance of his mother. “ You know, it was very difficult ”. He adds after “ When you lose your mom… Finally me, it completely ripped me off ”. It took a few seconds to regain his composure and his breathing. Then he continued, talking about Christmas. “ This is the first Christmas that I spend alone . We all had a complicated Christmas. And there it's a big void because I had my mom two, three, four times a day on the phone . That is to say that his laugh took me on board in the morning when I left for the sets ”.

But it seemed so abrupt and sudden for Jean-Luc Reichmann. While he was so close to his mother, she fell ill. And after that, everything goes downhill. He adds ' And every day I heard it. So it's true that it's been a very complicated year. It's a big void, it's a gaping hole. There was illness, it ended badly ”. But that ending seemed so much simpler, thanks to those who cared for her. A work that the animator does not fail to value.


But, even if his mother could not heal, Jean-Luc Reichmann remains well aware that this is not the fault of the nursing staff, quite the contrary. The latter was able to dive into this world by visiting his mother. And he does not fail to salute this work. “ I say it without sycophancy: the people in the hospitals are doing amazing work . Be it anytime, anywhere. (…) They are exploding like crazy but they are there. They are there by love for their profession , out of love for others , for the love of human beings . These people, you have to listen to them, you have to respect them ”.

What to break the applause after these few words from Jean-Luc Reichmann . Although this is not the first time that the host has broached this subject with the media, it is still painful. It must be said that it has already been six months on January 7 . But the pain is still very present for this loving and grateful son to have had a mother like Josette could be.

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