Jean-Marie Bigard angry with Gilles Verdez on the set of TPMP

modified: 2022-12-09 00:12:03

The tension rose a notch between Jean-Marie Bigard and Gilles Verdez on December 6, 2022 on TPMP. Discover the origin of this clash.

  Jean-Marie Bigard angry with Gilles Verdez on the set of TPMP

Every day, the C8 channel broadcasts an episode of the famous program 'Do not touch my post' . As a reminder, Cyril Hanouna is at the controls of this show in question. On the agenda, an animation but also debates between the columnists . That's not all, as usual, Cyril Hanouna invites, whether it be, political figures or stars on his set. And on December 06, 2022, it was Francky Vincent who honored his presence . The 66-year-old singer came to talk about his promotion to the rank of Knight of Arts and Letters . Good news that unfortunately ended in a clash. Indeed, the tension was palpable, especially between Jean-Marie Bigard and Gilles Verdez .

Jean-Marie Bigard: the new TPMP columnist

Since the beginning of the program 'Touche pas à mon poste' (on France 4 as a reminder, then D8, then C8, since September 2016), Cyril Hanouna surrounded by columnists . The latter are very loyal to the animator.

However, they don't last forever on set. There are those who, after a few months of participation, leave and are replaced by other celebrities . This year, Gilles Verdez, Matthieu Delormeau, Danielle Moreau, Delphine Wespiser and even Raymont Aabou are regularly around the table.

Another person came to be part of their gang and Cyril Hanouna announced it on November 10, 2022.

“Small surprise, a new columnist is coming tonight. All of France knows him, it's an event... Bring in the new columnist! “, he launched before the public cheered loudly Jean-Marie Bigard who came out of the boxes.

Yes, at the end of 2022, the comedian takes the place of columnist in the C8 show. A news that seems to delight many people.

“I know that we are going to be even more monitored by Arcom (French public authority for the regulation of audiovisual and digital communication). It's a risky show. Beware, this may be the last! Remember this date, it's November 10,” laughed the man nicknamed Baba.

As for the companion of Lola Marois, he immortalized his appearance with a joke saying:

“It’s two plumbers, there is one who is under the sink, his colleague is behind him and is watching what is commonly called the plumber’s smile. He notices that his buddy is wearing a pink thong. He slaps her on the buttocks and says: ‘Are you wearing thongs now?’ The other replies: ‘No, but this one as my wife found it in my car, I said it was at me ! »

A heated altercation on the set

No sooner had he become a columnist than Jean-Marie Bigard is already talking about him . You should know that the father of the family is known to have a great frankness. He does not spare his words and does not hesitate to recoil those who stand in his way .

Recently, Gilles Verdez bumped into this one . The two men had a heated argument , which also ended in a clash on the set. What happened ?

Well, as it has been said, Francky Vincent had come in 'Do not touch my post' . He mentioned his promotion to the rank of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. A title that does not seem to please some, including Gilles Verdez .

This last took it out on the star and affirms in front of the public that he did not understand why the Ministry of the Republic took the decision to grant him this distinction. And this, insofar as Francky Vincent does not hide his admiration for Dieudonné .

“I am very shocked. Me, Mr. Vincent, it's not the words that bother me. It is your adoration for Dieudonné. On the channel of Alain Soral, a far-right extremist, you still said that Dieudonné was your idol: “I have unconditional admiration for him, all the respect in the world”. Dieudonné is an anti-Semite, condemned as such, how can you say that? “, he launched.

The interpreter of the song “Alice, it slides” then replied:

“When I like an artist or a celebrity, the rest is none of my business. I am West Indian, we are like that, we are spontaneous in relation to the person. (…) I like the artist. When he does his shows, I love him.'

Jean-Marie Bigard's scathing response

What Francky Vincent said did not please some columnists . But the debate was far from over. Gilles Verdez continued to hound the guest. One thing that did not win unanimous support from viewers .

Benjamin Castaldi has also found columnist's remark off topic . And he wasn't the only one to see it. Jean-Marie Bigard did not agree with the words of Gilles Verdez either.

'Élie Semoun says it and there is one thing that cannot be disputed, he is a funny comedian...', he told him.

Fatou's husband replied saying:

“A funny anti-Semite? But you are crazy ! »

Jean Marie Bigard was annoyed by this answer . He thus asked Gilles Verdez to be silent.

“Shut up! I very severely condemn Dieudonné's anti-Semitic remarks. It is not complicated to make the separation between the man and the artist. “, he dropped live.

Francky Vincent continued:

“I don't condemn myself. I'm not a judge, I can't say that. I don't appreciate that at all. »

Source : West France