Jean-Marie Bigard explodes with rage in TPMP: the comedian is unstoppable!

modified: 2022-09-15 20:11:01

News travels fast, but it's not necessarily true. Jean-Marie Bigard wanted to clarify his professional situation after shocking revelations from Chrystel Camus, his former producer.

  Jean Marie Bigard

The world of comedians is not only made of jokes, laughter and joy. Like everyone else, they go through difficult times. This time, it was Jean-Marie Bigard who wanted to clarify his case after unfounded accusations and threats from his former producer Chrystel Camus. The details !

A look back at the Jean-Marie Bigard and Dieudonné duo!

Comedians Jean-Marie Bigard and Dieudonné made the front page of people magazines last July. According to the news, they could work together in order to concoct a show for the least particular.

It must be said that the two have diametrically opposed humorous styles. Jean-Marie Bigard practices the saucy model while Dieudonné likes to provoke political correctness. Yet they have one thing in common that was only recently revealed.

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Chrystel Camus did not hesitate to talk about this subject, saying: “Jean-Marie and Dieudonné had been preparing this show for years…. You should know that Jean-Marie is very seriously ill, Dieudonné too and in fact, they both wanted to get together, because they know that it is their last show.

In response to this, Jean-Marie Bigard immediately denied the facts . According to the 68-year-old comedian: “I was supposed to go on stage with him, but after reflection, I decided to end the duo project”. Apparently, no personal issues happened between him and his supposed stage partner. It's just that the collaboration was impossible to achieve.

Two direct clashes on TPMP!

Pissed at his former protege, Chrystel Camus disclosed lots of information in the show TPMP . Under the astonished gaze of Cyril Hanouna and his columnists, the former producer reveals information concerning the state of health of Jean-Marie Bigard.

But it doesn't stop there! She also talks about her version of the facts about the duo Jean-Marie Bigard and Dieudonné. According to him: 'Jean-Marie was supposed to do this show, but Laurent Ruquier offered him to come back to the Big Heads so he is very afraid that by doing this show, he can no longer have this contract with Laurent...'.

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It was the drop of water that made the vase pour, since the former producer had even uttered threats . It is said that if Jean-Marie Bigard did not respect the terms of his contract , he could be fined up to 14 million euros.

Immediately, the humorist was accompanied by his lawyer in order to clarify things on his decision. It was done in a raw, but fun way, the usual Jean-Marie Bigard method. He said: 'This contract no longer exists [...] So I tell him, Christelle, the 14 million euros, you're going to take them in the ass, so you'll have to roll them well, because you're going to damage your asshole”.

And what's next for Jean-Marie Bigard?

The versions of the former producer Chrystel Camus and Jean-Marie Bigard on their current relationship totally different. For the first , the comedian is still her foal and she has certain rights over him.

But according to Jean-Marie Bigard's lawyer, the ex-producer would no longer be responsible of his client's career. The reason given was bankruptcy of the company production by Chrystel Camus. In this case, his signature and the contracts related to him are temporarily null and void.