Jean-Marie Bigard: the columnist talks about his health in Les Grosses Têtes

modified: 2023-02-07 16:14:03

Jean-Marie Bigard recently shared a device he has to wear: he has a hearing problem.

  Jean-Marie Bigard: the columnist talks about his health in Les Grosses Têtes

Comedian Jean-Marie Bigard, 68, despite stepping away from the stage, is currently very present in the media. He confides on RTL about his hearing problems And revealed that he wears hearing aids. Unfortunately, these hearing problems seem to cause him difficulties on a daily basis. Not counting the multitude of health problems which he already has to face.

He opens up about his health issues

Jean-Marie Bigard recently joined the team of the famous show don't touch my post as a columnist, and became one of the voices of Big heads on RTL. He recently revealed his disabling health problems on the RTL channel, even if it was not on his own initiative. It's not sure the comedian wanted to go public with his health issues, but he finally did it with a bang.

When Fabrice, the former presenter, mentioned his hearing problems, Jean-Marie Bigard took the opportunity to reveal that he also had hearing difficulties. Lola Marois' partner said suddenly: 'I am deaf in one ear and I have a device that transmits the sound I receive on the left into my right ear. As a result, when someone calls me, I don't know where the sound is coming from. ».

Even if, these confessions seem to come from the heart and that they are the reason for a real malaise on a daily basis, Jean-Marie Bigard always turns it to the derisory. 'I sleep on the ear that hears, like that, no one bothers me at night. “, he joked. Internet users wonder about the discomfort that this humor can hide.

Jean-Marie Bigard suffered several health problems: stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes...

Jean-Marie Bigard has already shared his various health problems with the public. In 2022, he was interviewed by Jordan de Luxe and detailed his health issues. The 60-year-old has already suffered a stroke (a ruptured aneurysm) in 2016.

Then he gave details of a chronic disease with whom he has lived for decades. 'I I have terrifying rheumatoid arthritis, but I'm getting over it! “, he reassured himself. 'As soon as I step on it, I don't hurt anywhere!' I'm in great shape when I play, adrenaline junkie! But when it gets dark, you scream in pain … it can be terrible, a pain that doesn't go away. “, he delivered to Jordan de Luxe.

That's not all for the comedian. Jean-Marie Bigard “manages” – as he puts it, his diabetes for 25 years . 'But I'm getting better and better. With diabetes, you are your own doctor, if you don't care, you die . But now we have great tools. ' did he declare. Thanks to, or because of, this disease he admitted that he had stopped “full of bullshit”. Having diabetes was a reason for him to eat better.

Fans are well aware of Jean-Marie Bigard's self-mockery and tongue-in-cheek humor, but is this a way for him to hide his suffering? Does it allow him to make fun of what makes his life difficult?

At any rate, the former comedian makes fun of the serious health problems he accumulates. Yet, behind this sharp humor, We hide worry and weariness, and rightly so.

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