Jean-Michel Cohen: his colossal salary of which he is not very proud

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Invited to the set of Chez Jordan, Jean-Michel Cohen revealed the salary he receives for his activities. A colossal sum!

  Jean-Michel Cohen: his colossal salary of which he is not very proud

The salary is a subject that is still very sensitive in France e. Many celebrities prefer to keep their income secret. But Jean-Michel Cohen is different. This Thursday, February 02, 2023, in the Jordan de Luxe television program, he honestly revealed the amount he receives per month . The sum is as colossal as the activities of the famous nutritionist. We tell you more in the next lines.

Jean-Michel Cohen receives 20,000 euros per month

This day of February 2, 2023, Jean-Michel Cohen was invited to C8 , in the show Chez Jordan. The famous doctor and nutritionist agreed to answer questions from Jordan de Luxe on his financial situation.

“Do we live well when our name is Jean-Michel Cohen today? “, launched the presenter of the program. “Ah yes, really good! he agreed.

Curious, Jordan Luxury, continued on the question of salary .

“What is 15,000 euros? he asked.

Without filter, the concerned declared:

“It’s even a plus (…) 20,000 euros per month! '.

To arrive at this amount every month, the writer explained:

“Books are very important. Because there are the books that you see when they come out, the ones that sell because they came out. There have been more than 30, and there are the books that are sold abroad. So there are a lot of things. »

Jean-Michel Cohen 'is ashamed' of the immense money he earns

Jean-Michel Cohen wrote many books which bring him a lot of money.

“At one point, the food guide, it was 200,000 copies each time, shared with Patrick Serog, but we received 2 euros per copy. So 400,000 euros is 200,000 each,” he revealed.

But the writer and nutritionist said all the money he made made him feel uncomfortable .

“We are ashamed. We don't know how to play with money. It means that I am a spendthrift, even if I earn a lot of money, I spend and above all, I give a lot,” he told Jordan de Luxe.

This successful nutritionist has a rather special relationship with money , because of his past experiences.

“For me, money is a non-value. I didn't have a lot, I saw my parents suffer to earn a little. So for me, it's a non-value. »

These questions about money remind him of a phrase from a close relative that he will never forget.

'I had a great grandfather who said, 'The rich is the one who lives like a rich person, and the poor is the one who lives like a poor person. And I always lived like a rich man, even when I had no money,” he said.

A successful man

Jean-Michel Cohen was born in Oran, Algeria, on May 22, 1960. The nutritionist moved to France with his parents at the age of 5.

He went to school in Paris where he finished his medical studies. He defended a thesis entitled Post-pregnancy obesity and adipose tissue hyperplasia, in 1983. That said, he specializes in nutrition.

He quickly broke into the industry by working for prestigious laboratories such as Braun-Bruneau between 1982 and 1986. In 1986, he creates a polydisciplinary consultation center in Paris .

Jean-Michel Cohen is best known for being the author of great masterpieces in nutrition. This is particularly the case of The truth about our food, Knowing how to lose weight, Dare to be gluttonous, Shopping guide for eating well, The happiness of losing weight, What are we waiting for to live better, etc. Her latest work , is called Losing weight, why can't I get there?, in January 2023.

In 2019, again facing Jordan de Luxe, he said:

“Each time I write a book, I have an advance between 15,000 and 25,000 euros depending on the nature of the book (…) I received up to 150,000 euros for the famous books Savoir manger and Savoir to lose weight '.

Jean-Michel Cohen also created the famous Cohen diet. This is' a low calorie diet which consists of a balanced diet and non-deprivation.

He also gives lectures.

“Now, when I am asked to speak at a conference, I am at 6,000 euros; and I think that for the next ones, I will ask 7,000 euros,” he continues to Jordan de Luxe.

For afford huge expenses , he multiplies his sources of income.

'I've always operated on one principle: I should earn more than I spend, and I should be more interested in what I earn than what I spend. There is a problem right now with the money. You earn what you earn, that's not an insult. If you get paid, you are worth that money,” he said.

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