Jean-Michel Maire in a 'delicate financial situation': he makes things clear with Matthieu Delormeau

modified: 2022-09-17 15:14:01

One of the TPMP columnists is going through a bad patch. But he did not hesitate to settle accounts with Matthieu Delormeau!

  Matthew Delormeau

For years, Jean-Michel Mayor and Matthieu Delormeau shared a beautiful friendship. Their work on the set of TPMP led to the two men becoming friends. But in recent months, the relationship between the two columnists has deteriorated a lot. Between money problems and old resentments, Jean-Michel Maire finally spoke. So, guest on the show headlight of C8, it cropped Matthew Delormeau .

The two columnists had developed a great bond

Jean-Michel is one of the veterans in the TPMP team. Thus, he was already a columnist with Cyril Hanouna, while the program was still broadcast on France 4. Matthieu Delormeau, for his part, joined the TPMP team in 2015 on C8 .

In recent years, the show has had to become cult. Hosted by Cyril Hanouna and its small band, this program has won over many French people. And for good reason: on the set, Matthieu Delormeau, Delphine Wespiser or Kelly Vedovelli don't mince their words.

In TPMP, clashes and moments of laughter occur very often. In recent years, on set, Matthieu Delormeau and Jean-Michel Maire have shared a beautiful friendship .

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But since the latter left the emission of C8 , he saw his relationship with Matthieu Delormeau break down. In question ? The many financial troubles of Jean-Michel Maire.

Jean-Michel Maire tells his 4 truths to Matthieu Delormeau

By 2021, the columnist had left the show and lost Matthew Delormeau of sight. However, he ended up agreeing to come back , after a call by Cyril Hanouna.
« Cyril called me back during the summer saying to me: 'Come back Jean-Michel, you miss you' . So I agreed to come back , I don't know how often at all. »

While he was doing his return to TPMP , Jean-Michel Maire took this opportunity to clarify things with Matthieu Delormeau.

'You know that I love you very much, but it's true that last year the bonds that we had woven were greatly weakened. »

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He criticizes Matthieu Delormeau, for having harshly criticized him in the show .

“One evening, I took it to my face that your disappointment of the year was me. It upset me, hurt me because if you had something to say to me, you could have said it to my face. »

While he experienced money problems, he also believes that Matthieu Delormeau turned his back on him, constantly reminding him that he owed him money .
'Every time we saw each other, you reminded me that I had a debt so it put pressure on me'

During this difficult time, Jean-Michel Maire was very injured speak silence by Matthew Delormeau.
“Because I was working less, the situation was more tense for me. What is expected of a friend is that they support you. »

The columnist, however, wished to salute the outstretched hand by Benjamin Castaldi . However, he refused his gesture, because he too has major problems on the plan. financier .

In addition, the former friend of Matthieu Delormeau explained that his financial troubles concerned the tax authorities.
“The taxes fell on me. I'm not complaining at all, I should have paid on time and I didn't so there is a catch-up, which is completely normal. »