Jean-Pascal Lacoste: magnificent family photos with his granddaughter for the holidays

modified: 2022-12-29 17:13:02

The columnist of Touche not at my post, Jean-Pascal Lacoste, was able to show an adorable photo of his daughter Ainhoa.

  Jean-Pascal Lacoste: magnificent family photos with his granddaughter for the holidays

While for more than a week the columnist team of Touche not at my post seems to be on vacation, Jean-Pascal Lacoste was able to spend time with family . Indeed, he even decided to share a photo of his adorable daughter Ainhoa. So inevitably, this photo reacted to its subscribers, happy to see the daughter of the columnist. We'll explaine everything here.

The columnists of Touche not at my post on vacation

Indeed, even if the summer holidays ended in September for the columnists of Touche not at my post. The latter have been able to go on winter vacation since the middle of December . Thus, to find the columnist team, it will be necessary to wait until January. And if some have decided to go on vacation in the sun like Kelly Vedovelli who is going to Dubai for the first time, Jean-Pascal Lacoste decides to stay with his family.

Because, the end of year celebrations are always the ideal time to find your family. And that, Jean-Pascal Lacoste does it well. Indeed, the latter has decided to spend the Christmas party surrounded by his family. And that, he decided to share it on his Instagram account . We can therefore see the columnist surrounded by his family and his granddaughter Ainhoa. Others like Capucine Anav held, too, shared her daughter's very first Christmas. And above, the young mother appears with a very beautiful pink dress, difficult to become that she gave birth recently.

So, although everyone seems to be having a good holiday, like Jean-Pascal Lacoste or Capucine Anav with their young children, the host confided. Indeed, although Cyril Hanouna seems happy to spend the holidays with his children , he said he missed his fans.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste, the photo of his shared daughter

Jean-Pascal Lacoste remains a well-known columnist for the Touche team not at my post. So inevitably, his private life seems somewhat revealed. Like the fact that recently, he and his partner, Delphine Tellier, were able to welcome their third child, a little girl . The latter could have been born a short time ago and had the pretty name of Ainhoa. And that, the young dad did not scam to make it known on the set of Cyril Hanouna. It must be said that he remains very happy with this newcomer.

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Jean-Pascal Lacoste also seems to often broach the subject of his granddaughter. Thus, he does not fail to share anecdotes about his family and in particular his wife and children. And in addition to making funny little anecdotes, he does not fail to make them pretty declarations of love . This seems to please the public who love to learn new things about the life of the columnist. But although he likes to share anecdotes about his family, he did not want to display his daughter on the networks.

But, on the occasion of this Christmas, Jean-Pascal Lacoste departed from his rule by showing a photo of his family with his little girl. By the way, under this photo, the columnist wrote “ All I want for Christmas ”. So, everything seems to be going very well for this little family.

Source : MCE TV