Jean-Paul Rouve responds to Cyril Hanouna's attacks and he's not going to like it at all!

modified: 2022-09-28 14:25:06

Jean-Paul Rouve is most often silent in the face of attacks from his colleagues. He decided to come out of his silence.

  Jean-Paul Rouvé

During the broadcast Do not touch My TV Monday, September 26, Jean-Paul Rouve made a point of clarifying the disagreement between him and the show's conductor. In fact, some time ago, actor and comedian who embodies the role of Jeff in Les Tuche, was tired of the constant insults and attacks coming from his colleague . A response that is likely to annoy even more Cyril Hanouna .

Jean-Paul Rouve: 'I don't have time, I'm working'

Actor Jean-Paul Rouve is well known with his role Jeff Tuche . It's a film which we adore. A few days ago, Cyril Hanouna did not hesitate to insult him publicly in the show TPMP. Tired of being attacked and to always remain silent, Jean-Paul Rouve decides to provide some explanations for his gesture.

Always calm Like he usually does , he simply replies: it does not interest me ' . A response that falls on the head of Cyril Hanouna like a cold shower. A few words that may annoy him even more than he is. The actor wanted to remind you that he has a busy schedule and that he can't afford to waste a second for such futility.

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Of course, Cyril Hanouna is not ready to give up yet and also reveals to the general public the origin of these bickering . He therefore wanted to explain that Jean-Paul Rouve put him a cartridge in Paris Match . For some reason unknown to animator . He then called him to ask his problem: “ You have a problem ? » And as an answer, the conductor of Touche pas à mon poste was entitled to one: “ No, no I love you' . And once again, Jean-Paul Rouvé put a cartridge in him.

Irritated, Cyril Hanouna clashed with the actor on his show : « he's asshole' he throws. And again, he insisted that as soon as their next meeting , it is not the joy . Car Cyril Hanouna a bien dit : « Anyway, he's going to be hot when I meet him. »

The argument loses its meaning

Jean-Paul Rouve is not not really the type to respond to insults and attacks inflicted on him on the emissions televised. He remains calm and away from trouble .

Not that he doesn't hear them. But he prefers to be silent in the face of this kind of thing . It is a waste of energy and time.

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But recently, Jean-Paul Rouve told Nagui why is there so much left impassive against his attacks. Clearly in his words, he said: It's only in a way because I don't answer. I'm not too interested … I don't understand what the point is, all that. After, maybe I will answer, but there, I do not have time . I actually work. There isn't much more to answer. It doesn't make much sense . »

Jean-Paul Rouve doesn't care what Cyril Hanouna thinks of him

Despite the attacks and insults made against his nobody , Jean-Paul Rouve is not yet ready to fight back. He remains very quiet in his corner .

And of course, when he doesn't bother to answer, Cyril Hanouna will be even more annoyed . It certainly won't stop there.

His silence says a lot. And this attitude is insupportable for Cyril Hanouna. He thought he would settle accounts with Jean-Paul Rouve but in the end, it will never happen as he thinks.