Jean-Pierre Pernaut: the tender tribute of his friend Jean-Luc Reichmann in the 12 noon shots

modified: 2023-01-08 14:52:02

Jean-Luc Reichmann recently sent a message for the deceased Jean-Pierre Pernaut, a moving message.

  Jean-Pierre Pernaut: the tender tribute of his friend Jean-Luc Reichmann in the 12 noon shots

This Saturday, in the 12 noon shots, a question was able to talk about the former big star of the TF1 television news, Jean-Pierre Pernaut. So on this occasion, Jean-Luc Reichmann decided to pay tribute to his friend who disappeared almost a year ago. . It was last March that the journalist disappeared following an illness. And obviously, the host of the show seemed close to him, but also his family . We'll explaine everything here.

The 12 strokes of noon

For more than twelve years, Jean-Luc Reichmann has hosted the 12 noon shots. Every day, candidates come to try to recover the title of midday master. With this title, they can try to fill their kitty a little more each day, but also to discover the mysterious star in order to have lots of gifts. And if the show seems to please as much, it remains, because the host seems very benevolent, but also very funny . Qualities that greatly appeal to both candidates and the public. Besides, Jean-Luc Reichmann was able to receive the title of favorite television host of the French . It must be said that the latter often remains close to the candidates he meets. As may be the case with Xavier, one of the great midday masters who is always present for the show's prime times.

This also seems to be the case with Stéphane, the current midday master . It turns out that already several times, Jean-Luc Reichmann has decided to defend the latter. It must be said that very often, the worker remains the object of much criticism. So, for the 12 shots of Christmas, the host decided to speak about it. He declared “ It's easy to criticize behind your screen. I invite those who do to try their luck . I will welcome them with happiness. Stéphane is not too social networks and so much the better. He deserves his place . Outside of filming, he works at night at the foundry and does not take time off to do the show . It's rare enough to report it. ”.

Lots of knowledge

But, if Jean-Luc Reichmann anime for more than twelve years the 12 strokes of noon , his career seems much longer on the TF1 channel, as with his previous program Attention à la marche. And if Jean-Luc Reichmann remains one of the animators that the TF1 group appreciates, that also remained the case of journalist Jean-Pierre Pernaut . So inevitably, the two men seemed to know each other well.

And, Jean-Luc Reichmann is used to receiving celebrities on his set. We could see many artists as in the 12 Christmas shots. We found Florent Peyre, Michèle Bernier, the singer Tayc and even the students of the Star Academy . And very often, questions in the game also relate to these celebrities that the host often knows.

Tribute to Jean-Pierre Pernaut

And this may have been the case this Saturday, January 7. One of the questions of the day was “ To Who did the town of Abbeville want to pay tribute to by renaming its market hall? ”. And among the proposed answers, we found “ Laurent Mariotte ” or “ Jean-Pierre Pernaut ”. And without too much surprise, the correct answer, the former star of the television news of TF1. This therefore allowed the host to pay tribute to his friend who had disappeared since last March. He declared “ I must admit that Nathalie Marquay, his wife, sent me her wishes . She sent me a picture that I didn't have ”. He then shows a snapshot of the two men laughing together.

A gesture that greatly touched Jean-Luc Reichmann who said “ I think very very strongly of my friend Jean-Pierre.' , « I love you my Jean-Pierre for eternal life ”. He also sends a thought for his family. “ I think very very strongly of Nathalie Marquay Pernaut. Happy New Year to Nathalie of course. Lou and Tom, I kiss you too ”.

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