Jeans: what is the use of the small front pocket?

modified: 2022-12-25 00:35:03

Today, everyone wears jeans, and yet few people know what the front pocket was for.

  Jeans: what is the use of the small front pocket?

There are many objects, gadgets, clothes, which have particularities that we do not even notice anymore. This is due to the habit that we can have of seeing them permanently . And yet, if something is done one way, there is often a good reason behind it. So many theories, more or less reliable, already exist on a large number of objects. But do you know what the little front pocket on your jeans was for? We'll explaine everything here.

The different hidden tricks

There are many everyday objects that we use without even knowing why they are in such and such a way. . You can also find many revelations about objects everywhere. For example, in boxes of chocolates, there are some kind of spikes between each one . If one day you have trouble catching them, you only have to press a tip and it will come out on its own.

Another tip that we can't actually guess without a story point concerns coins. You have surely noticed that the pieces, on the edges, are as if folded. We find what is called like furrows . Well, it goes back many years, when coins were limited in order to recover gold or silver dust . Since then, our parts have furrows to avoid getting filed , even if there are no more precious metals in them.

Another everyday tip that can help you during your shopping is the labels. Sometimes you want fruit with little labels stuck to the skin. Beyond sticking on the forehead, it has another interest. In reality, look at the numbers on it . If on the label there is four digits starting with 0, 3 or 4, then the fruit was harvested in the traditional way, but contains pesticides . If you see five digits starting with 9 then this fruit seems organic without chemicals . On the other hand, with five numbers and an 8 at the beginning, it is a Genetically Modified Organism .

The secret of the fifth pocket of the jeans

Exit the pants, often of women, which do not seem to have the right to have pockets. Five pockets are usually found on jeans. We can see the two backs, two fronts, and in one of the front, another small pocket. It's the fifth pocket of your jeans . If you used it to put change, it has a whole other use. But to understand it, there too, you have to go back 150 years , when the jeans had just seen the light of day.

Indeed, in 1873, Jacob Devis and Levi Strauss created the jeans we know today. They may have been born in San Francisco, California. And at this moment, it was mainly the workers who used them . It must be said that the jeans remain particularly resistant. And the creators of the jeans had thought of everything to please customers. At that time, men often had pocket watches.

The new use of the fifth pocket

So, you will surely have understood, this fifth small pocket was intended to store this pocket watch in the jeans. But after the 20th century, needs evolved, and jeans with . And at that time, if pocket watches were no longer trendy, cigarettes were. To light the cigarettes, it needed a lighter named Zippo . We still find some for sale, their particularity remains that it is rectangular . And of course, it fits perfectly in this fifth pocket.

But since then, times have changed again. And smoking no longer seems to be a fad, or so we hope. From now on, this small pocket is used for many things . Like putting small change in, matches, tickets. Finally, whatever you want .

Source : C News