Jenifer drives internet users crazy with her appearance on Friday, everything is permitted

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This February 3, 2023, Jenifer was one of the guests of “Friday everything is permitted” on TF1. On Twitter, his performance does not convince.

  Jenifer drives internet users crazy with her appearance on Friday, everything is permitted

Arthur welcomed many guests s in his show “Friday everything is allowed” this February 3, 2023. Among them, we can notably mention the name of the singer Jenifer. The latter has also sung some of his cult titles. If some appreciated, on Twitter, many Internet users did not understand what she was doing there . We take stock in this article.

' 2' in theaters soon

« 2 » will soon be available in dark rooms . Indeed, the film is officially released on February 8. To promote it, the Fifi band went to the “Daily” set on TMC.

Thus, on January 3, Yann Barthès received Julien Arruti, Tarek Boudali, Philippe Lacheau and Élodie Fontan. The actors of the film did not fail to talk about the work . And also delivered some anecdotes related to the scenario.

In particular that the story of ' 2' highlights the marriage between Flo (Élodie Fontan) and Greg (Philippe Lacheau). It is in this context that the host of the show asked the actors:

“Who has ever been ashamed of their parents? »

To this question, Philippe Lacheau immediately felt concerned . Indeed, the 42-year-old actor and director shamelessly refers to his father, Gérard Lacheau. He goes even further and recounts an awkward moment during an Enfoirés party .

“My father, he made me a sentence to the Enfoirés, it was terribly embarrassing. Michael Jones does a piece, I bring my parents backstage and we leave with my father for a drink and we meet Michael Jones who leaves the stage and he stops and he goes “Ah Michael, I saw your show , I have a little advice: When you arrive, I think it would be more perceived…” he recalled.

It should be specified that this will not be the only show that the actors will visit of “ 2”. Indeed, after TMC, they did a little tour on TF1. And this, at the special prime time of “Friday everything is permitted”.

“Why did Jenifer come to sing? »

In his special prime, Arthur had the honor of welcoming Tarek Boudali , Julien Arruti, Philippe Lacheau, Élodie Fontan and Reem Kherici. The actors have agreed to participate in the number of 'Friday everything is permitted', broadcast on February 3.

Note that they weren't the only ones on set . Indeed, there was also Iris Mittenaere, Florent Peyre, Shy'm or even Jenifer. And it is on the latter that we will focus the most in this article .

If the interpreter of 'In the sun' only made a short appearance between two sequences, it was enough to question internet users . For those who missed the show, Jenifer actually did a medley of all her greatest hits.

“I am happy to welcome the only, the only, Jenifer”, launched the host by presenting the one who won the first season of “Star Academy”.

If the goal was to surprise viewers, it was successful, because the arrival of Jenifer had no transition . An intervention that was also both appreciated and criticized, especially on Twitter where netizens went wild .

Among the many reactions, here is what we could read:

“Why did Jenifer come to sing? Hyper bizarre performance in 'hair on the soup' mode...', 'Too powerful, Jennifer's songs are evolving and it's our time', 'Is it #VTEP or Jenifer's concert? I no longer understand the concept” or “Me in front of the best of songs by Jenifer”

As you see it, opinions are quite divided . In any case, Jenifer seems to have been there to promote her new album entitled 'N°9'. This was also the case for Amir, Yanns and Black M who left as quickly as they arrived .

Jenifer prepares her “N°9” tour

As a reminder, on November 4, 2022, Jenifer released her ninth album which she soberly titled “N°9” . On the occasion of the release of this new album, the singer organized a tour which will begin on March 3, 2023.

“In full preparation for the tour! A few days before the start of rehearsals, I think very much of you! Round 9 is coming soon! “, she wrote on Instagram, the 26 last January.

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If the fans of the interpreter of 'On a Latin air' got excited about the tour , others noticed her cleavage. Indeed, in the photo that she published, Jenifer put on a top that showed her strong chest. A sensual look that was hailed by hundreds of internet users .

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