Jenifer: 'I found the shoe for me' her tender secrets about her husband

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This Tuesday, February 14, André Manoukian and André Manoukian invited Jenifer to the show “La fête de la chanson d’amour”.

  Jennifer: 'I'ai trouvé chaussure à mon pied » ses tendres confidences sur son mari

To celebrate Valentine's Day, France 2 presented the love song party r. This Tuesday, February 14, 2023, the most essential French-speaking artists sang their related titles together. Obviously, the theme lent itself to love. singer Jenifer Bartoli was present alongside Patrick Fiori . She also came to talk about her song Save who loves, but not only. The 40-year-old artist agreed to answer questions about his private life. She has in particular talked about his current partner , Ambroise Fieschi to Laury Thilleman, and André Manoukian. We tell you everything.

Jenifer thinks her husband “has everything it takes”

During the evening of Tuesday February 14, Jenifer performed in duet with singer Patrick Fiori . During this bonus event, she also answered questions from the presenters of the show.

“Do your lovers prefer them more bad boy or more romantic? “Asked Laury Thilleman, alongside André Manoukian.

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Ambroise Fieschi's wife answered without hesitation .

“I only see one now,” she said of the man of her life, whom she married in 2019.

According to the first winner of the 'Star Academy', her husband is the perfect combination of both .

'It's got all it takes, it's a clever blend of those two flavors,' she says. That said, Aaron, Joseph and Juvanni's mom is a big romantic herself. “We mark the day a little bit,” she says.

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Jenifer Bartoli spins the perfect love with Ambroise Fieschi

Jenifer rarely confides in his personal life . According to her rare confidences, the young woman is happy to live with her current partner , Ambroise Fieschi.

She has already spoken of him, last September during the promotion of his latest album.

'My greatest accomplishment is to have built a family,' she begins in the magazine Marie France.

The one who said yes to Ambroise Fieschi , about three years ago, in Corsica then explains:

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“Marriage was obvious. I didn't lock myself in an institution, I found the shoe that suited me, I'm happy.'

As a reminder, Jennifer was already a mother of two boys when she met the 38-year-old businessman.

“My base is them, but also the education given to me by my parents, a solid base without which I could not have assumed notoriety,” she confessed.

The interpreter of Give me time, had one more child, born in 2021, with her darling .

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Who are the men in her life?

Jenifer Bartoli revealed to the public for the first time during the first edition of the 'Star Academy'. She came out a winner.

In the famous music competition, the young woman maintained a relationship with Jean-Pascal Lacoste . But their couple will not last long.

Some time after her adventure in the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, the singer meets Yodelice, also called Maxime Nucci. They even lived together for 6 years . It was with him that she became pregnant with her first child, in 2003, named Aaron.

After this long story, Jenifer had a brief romance with the singer Pascal Obispo. A romance that only lasted a year.

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Then in 2014, the singer is going to date the actor Thierry Neuvic during the filming of the feature film Les Francis. In an interview on RFM, she said that it was a real thunderbolt .

'It's not a simple meeting, it's love, the real one, the only one! ', she says.

The feeling was mutual.

“We were terribly embarrassed for the first love scene… And then there it is, it’s crazy,” confided the interpreter of In the sun.

She gives birth to a second son, whom they decide to call Joseph . However, their beautiful love story ended in 2016.

Some months later, she falls in love with the Corsican restaurateur , Ambroise Fieschi. Till today, the former coach de « The Voice Kids » is very fulfilled in her relationship with her partner .

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