Jenny Griffon (Large families): '6th day of hospitalization' she gives news of her daughter

modified: 2023-02-08 19:09:02

Jenny Gryiffon of Large Families: Life in XXL shares her distress with her subscribers when she drives her daughter to the emergency room

  Jenny Griffon (Large families): '6th day of hospitalization' she gives news of her daughter

Jenny Griffon had to take her daughter to the emergency room. The little girl has been in the hospital for a week. On social networks, his mother is very active and has accustomed Internet users to follow the family in their daily lives. For this reason , she confides her concern to her subscribers.

Jenny Griffon delivers her concern to her subscribers following the hospitalization of her little Valentina

Jenny Griffon is very active on her social networks. Indeed, she shares the daily life of her tribe with her subscribers. Since their participation in the flagship show Large families : life in XXL, the couple expanded the family with a baby Valentina. Moreover, it is to the delight of Internet users who adore this emblematic couple of the show.

Unfortunately, the couple saw happiness turns into nightmares when they had to drive their baby to the emergency room. In fact, the little girl met breathing difficulties. Unsurprisingly, Jenny Griffon and her husband felt a profound upheaval because of this critical situation. Despite everything, the flagship couple is used to small health problems. However, they experienced this event as a nightmare and they did not lack deliver their distress.

Precisely, Jenny Griffon, the mother, spoke on Instagram to warn her subscribers of the evolution of the situation. It was through an Instagram post that Jenny Griffon detailed the events that her family was going through. Here, Jenny Griffon delivered her anxiety to her internet users, a great way for the mother to breathe.

Jenny announces that her daughter Valentina is still hospitalized

' In a few seconds, everything has changed. I went to my midwife with Valentina rather confident and very positive, but her smile quickly gave way to tears, the weight gain was not there, and her complexion seemed very white, we had to leave at emergency hospital… In the emergency room, they quickly realized that she was in respiratory distress and that she had to be put on oxygen urgently , then a whole battery of examinations began. Currently, Valentina is in pediatric intensive care on oxygen, under probe gastric, under perfusion, and we don't yet know what the final diagnosis is. My heart is in shreds, I'm afraid of what could happen to him. “, she detailed.

Jenny Griffon et son mari son tortured by worry and distress . However, the mom tells her subscribers how lucky she feels to have Damien by her side. For her, her husband handled the situation in a remarkable way.

It was a few days after her message that she gave news of Valentina. Indeed, she indicated that her daughter was slowly recovering, that she was eating again. Unfortunately, Valentina delivered a lot of effort. For this reason, she was put back on oxygen.

However, Jenny Griffon posted a photo of her baby girl delivering a message of hope.

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A post shared by Jenny Gryffon (

The mother nevertheless specifies: 'There is no outing planned for the moment, she has to perk up, feed and oxygenate herself. We will take one day after another, we will organize ourselves day by day. We are not going to rush an outing so that it does not go home. '. Fortunately, her latest post indicates that little Valentina's condition is improving.

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