Jeremy Renner: out of trouble, the singer reveals to have more than thirty broken bones following his accident

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On January 21, 2023, Jeremy Renner gave an update on his state of health. It looks like he's on the road to recovery.

  Jeremy Renner: out of trouble, the singer reveals to have more than thirty broken bones following his accident

Remember, on New Year's Day, Jeremy Renner the star of the saga Marvel « Hawkeye » was the victim of a terrible accident . It happened outside his Nevada home. According to the information, the actor had 30 broken bones and had to undergo several operations.

The young man spent three weeks in hospital . Even if it was hard for the principal concerned or for his family, it turns out that the doctors' efforts paid off . In an Instagram post, Jeremy Renner did, indeed, reassured his community . His health is improving.

Jeremy Renner: victim of a snowplow accident

The news had the effect of a bomb. On New Year's Day, Jeremy Renner fans learned that their favorite actor was rushed to hospital . So what happened? As he tackled snow removal operations , the 50-year-old had a serious accident.

The news was first shared by several American media, before be confirmed by a spokesperson to a few of them including Variety .

“We can confirm that Jeremy is in a critical but stable condition after being involved in a weather-related accident while clearing snow earlier today,” it read.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed his statements while specifying that Jeremy Renner's family is with him and that the actor is very well followed. The year 2023 started badly for the actor. Not to mention that he was going to celebrate his 52nd birthday on January 07, 2023 .

According to several sources, the accident in question took place outside his home in Nevada . A place where heavy snowfall hit a few days before the tragedy. Jeremy Renner also complained about it on December 12, 2022, sharing a photo on Twitter where the snow covered the entirety of a vehicle which could well be his car and.

“Lake Tahoe snowfall no joke #WinterWonderland,” he wrote.

He was able to reach his home

Jeremy Renner lost a lot of blood during his accident, but the actor wanted to be reassuring. He published a photo of him in a hospital bed and also a video, despite his condition considered very worrying.

Selon New York Post, the actor should put his career on hold for at least two years.

“It is said that the damage to Jeremy's chest was so extensive that it had to be reconstructed in surgery. He has had two surgeries so far and will likely need more in the coming weeks to treat his leg,” a source admitted.

Despite everything, a total recovery was possible. Moreover, a few weeks after his hospitalization, Jeremy Renner had announced via Twitter that he is now at home . A news that pleased the fans.

“Apart from my brain fog, recovering, I was very excited to watch episode 201 with my family at home,” he wrote on a January 17, 2023 post.

Jeremy Renner gives update on his health

He is now out of danger. After long worries, the fans, but also Jeremy Renner's family can blow . The father of the family is gradually recovering from his injuries.

The 50-year-old keeps on giving news of him and this was the case on January 21, 2023. In a message posted on Instagram under a photo of him in a bed, the actor gave more details on his injuries: no less than thirty broken bones s. He then went on to say:

“These more than thirty broken bones will mend, become stronger, just as the love and connection with family and friends will deepen. »

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A message of hope that prompted Internet users to support him even more in the comment section. Indeed, many are those who sent messages filled with positive vibes to Jeremy Renner . Others have said they want to pray for him.

What is certain is that the young man is making progress. However, the road to recovery is still long !

Source : CNews