Jessica Thivenin: The former Marseillais star reveals her face after her operation

modified: 2023-02-11 12:17:01

Jessica Thivenin published the first results following the operation on Instagram. She didn't seem to be very happy.

  Jessica Thivenin: The former Marseillais star reveals her face after her operation

A few days ago, Jessica Thivenin underwent cosmetic surgery . This is not a first for the wife of Thibault Garcia. The 33-year-old is used to interacting with surgeons and trying out various aesthetic techniques. On February 8, Jessica Thivenin revealed the results of his last intervention . The latter was shocked to see his face swollen.

Intervention for her hair

Last January, Jessica Thivenin told her subscribers that she was trying a new technique for her hair . The mother of 2 explained that her pregnancies caused her to lose a lot of hair. She therefore wanted to regain its thickness .

“Head to mesotherapy. I do injections in the head following my hair loss on it, ”she told her community on Instagram.

The young lady has always been frank about his interventions . When she felt like getting a facelift, she openly told her fans about it.

“I think I'm going to do a facelift, clearly. A little, not a big thing, but there you go. In my photos, it is true that when I smile, I am marked, ”she said.

She then talked about the injections she does. She feels the need for a facelift to rectify a detail which 'spoils' his photos. Jessica Thivenin even admits that she erase sag on both sides with a photos app .

“I erase because it ruins my photos, it ruins my life”, she revealed in story.

A disfigured face after the operation

Jessica Thivenin had already confided to her subscribers that she was complexed by her expression lines . As surgery does not scare her, she did not hesitate to start a new operation to work on her cheeks.

After the operation, the young woman gave an update to his followers . She reassures her fans that everything was fine. While she is resting, her husband Thibault Garcia takes care of the children.

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Jessica Thivenin then began to talk about their appearance after the operation . She compared herself to a helium balloon when she saw his face swelling. Shocked, the mother of Maylone and Leewane admits that she never looked like this even after her operation of the nose.

'I'm all twisted. I have one eye that is smaller than the other, I'm really burst like never before. Looks like I got a camper in my head. Worse, it looks like a meteor came and hit me in the head,” she said.

To give a small overview to its subscribers, Jessica Thivenin briefly filmed his face . She then warned that an operation was not something trivial.

“We leave in a pitiful state. I am a mix of boxer and Avatar. It's all been shot so it's very bloated,' she said at the end.

In the images, the mother of the family still had plenty of bandages. The effect of the operation made his face all puffy . Jessica Thivenin will soon reveal the final result when she has removed the bandages.

Jessica Thivenin in the face of criticism

Like many influencers, Jessica Thivenin is sometimes criticized for having resorted to cosmetic surgery . The young woman does not attach importance to these criticisms. She assumes all the cosmetic surgery operations she has undergone over the years.

Jessica Thivenin does not hide that she had her buttocks, breasts, nose and lips redone. She also does not hide that she conceals certain details with applications . In one of her publications, Jessica Garcia sent a message to people who criticize her.

“You are going to tell me again cosmetic surgery yes, well I can, I have the means, I can afford it”, she let go.

If she has the chance, Jessica Thivenin will not hesitate to remedy its faults that she doesn't like. The young woman is proud of the implants she has and it makes her feel good about herself.

Jessica still advises her subscribers to think carefully before having plastic surgery . It was on her Snapchat account that she recalled that you always had to think about the consequences.

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