Johnny Depp victim of a terrible scam: the actor warns his fans!

modified: 2022-09-25 14:03:02

Celebrity fans are being scammed lately. The scammers use a fake account and impersonate a public figure.

  Johnny Depp

In this time of crisis, people are trying to do everything to make money, even if it means scam others . Indeed, various cases of scams have been detected lately, in different areas. On social networks , public figures have spoken about the situation in order to protect their fans.

Scam, this technique is the most used!

In real life and on social networks, them crooks keep finding ways to scam people. Lately they tend to impersonate celebrities for extort money to fans.

Who wouldn't be delighted to receive a message from their idol? The person can indeed feel more special and closer why celebrity favourite.

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In general, it is young people who fall most into this kind of scam. Especially with some fancy tricks well set up. Indeed, the scammer promises a meeting, which will never happen, between the idol and the fan.

The latter gives in return a large sum. In this context, famous american actor , Johnny Depp, wants to alarm his fans about this fraud . And this, in particular for his followers on Instagram.

Johnny Depp warns his subscribers!

On Thursday, September 22, Johnny Depp posted a message to warn his fans about the scammers' tactics. Indeed, hackers claim to work with the actor and would ask money to fans .

In return, they promise capricious services like an intimate date or a phone call. He therefore announced to his fans that he is currently meditating on a way to avoid such a scam .

  Scam: actor Johnny Depp was a victim

There is even some scammers who try to imitate the voice of Johnny Depp . According to him, these people are cowards who only take advantage of the kindness and vulnerability of these people. people .

In addition, the actor encourages scam victims to file a complaint within the responsible authorities. Very sound advice! In any case, we are informed that the fraudulent messages therefore do not come from the actor.

Celine Dion also made an announcement about the scam!

Still in the field of scams, the Quebec singer also alarm his five million followers. Indeed, the community manager of Celine Dion don't just watch. And this, even if it was not the victim.

To put an end to this unfortunate situation , the singer and her team took stock of the official account of the star. The message of this great singer was shared on his Instagram account on September 16, 2022.

If a so-called celebrity send you a message first, without you having contacted her, it is surely a scam. You can also do verification using certification cards on social networks, granted to celebrities.

According to this associate of Celine Dion , the fight against fraud must begin with the sensitization and education. And this, in order to easily understand the context. Scam strategies are becoming more and more complex.