Joy Hallyday succumbed to cosmetic surgery at 14? Internet users clash violently!

modified: 2022-09-28 12:32:11

At 14, Joy Hallyday is very active on Instagram. But a recent snapshot has earned him some rather accusatory comments.

  Joy Hallyday

Johnny et Læticia Hallyday shared 19 years of wedding . During their union, they also adopted two little girls. While star of the song lost his life in 2017, the girls enter today in full adolescence . Among them, Joy Hallyday has more than 28,000 subscribers on Instagram. But lately, some internet users did not hesitate to mock the girl on the Web !

Joy Hallyday: her face creates controversy

As all the girls her age , the child of Johnny love social media. Also, she often posts pictures of her or his relatives. She therefore likes to publish selfies, pose in front of the lens…

But this week, one of the images made Internet users react. Indeed, according to them, Joy Hallyday would have retouched her lips . Although she is only 14 years old, many feel that her mouth looks redone. And they didn't bother to tell him .
'My God the mouth', 'She already made her lips swell'.

In the comments, the rumor started to swell. In reality, in this photo, Joy Hallyday displays a sulky pout . Like many others online, she opted to duck-face. But this grimace, in the mouth of a duck, brings out the lips.

Furthermore, we can also assume that Joy Hallyday used filters . On Instagram, many people use this function to display a sublimated face.

Finally, in our time, makeup also works wonders . At a time when the pace Bratz fascinates young girls, certain trends allow them to be imitated. Thus, Joy Hallyday was also able to use the technique of 'the overlining « . This method has been a huge hit on social networks. It consists of making up the lips by protruding from their contours. Thus, we can create the illusion of a fuller mouth .

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The teenager can count on a caring community

Whether she cheated or not, Joy Hallyday n'a que 14 ans . Which means these hateful comments are still really inappropriate. Besides, some seemed unaware of his age .
'Innocence gone... Welcome to botox... She's only 17.' »

In the midst of mockery and insults, Joy Hallyday subscribers did not hesitate to defend it .
'Doll, you are beautiful!' 'More and more sublime.' ' ' Still pretty '.

Others have even clearly given ses « haters » in place
« L Are you old in comics Do you feel good? »

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Finally, others have deplored that the young Joy Hallyday receives questionable comments , from adult men.
“Always the same pervs commenting. It's scary. »

For its part, the sister of Jade Hallyday did not even notice these attacks. Indeed, it seems that she has other worries to manage these days. Thus, she recently declared that she was victim of identity theft . We can therefore understand that she prefers to ignore this rumor on injections or surgery. At a young age, Joy Hallyday already faces a merciless world . Let's hope she becomes a strong woman despite these reproaches.