JT 1 p.m.: Marie-Sophie Lacarrau replaced, TF1 on alert

modified: 2022-09-20 17:44:02

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, the presenter of the 1 p.m. news on TF1 has just lost her place. She leaves the channel with a heavy heart. Find out the reasons!

  Marie-Sophie Lacarrau

After Miss weather, TF1 also frees itself from Marie-Sophie Lacarrau. This is the one that has taken over since the retirement of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. A story that seems insane and yet does everything. We agree that the success of a television program is reflected in the number of its viewers. So what happens when a show starts to slowly lose its subscribers?

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau: A free fall that costs her her place!

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau was the presenter favorite of the French. Viewers are glued to TF1 before the hour. Its audience remains loyal to the channel throughout the newspaper.

The presenter reached, in these times, 2.8 million viewers during her visit. A great success, not only for the channel, but also for her.

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Only now, recently, she has gradually lost her audience for some reason that we do not know. And at the same time, she gave way to her colleague from France 2, Julian Bugier. Following this big drop, TF1 is not just a spectator of this loss. The chain changes from strategy .

The news remains difficult to digest for Marie-Sophie Lacarrau. But unfortunately for her, the recovery of her audience seems to be lost in advance in the face of the success of her comrade on France 2.

New tactics to gain more audience

In order to regain the greatest number of audiences, TF1 has no shortage of ideas. As for Monday, September 19, for example, she preferred to share live funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. A way to recover the number of audiences lost in a few hours.

You should know that behind the scenes that we see on TV, there is a tough fight between each channel. The objective is to have the greatest audience and not only. You have to know how to keep them too. So often, it is the presenter who ensures the loyalty of his audience. As soon as the figure is overtaken by another, it is quite possible that the leader will lose his place. As could be the case of Marie Sophie Lacarrau.

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And like many TV shows, partnerships with other companies are essential. Not only for the financing of the projects, but also for the reputation of the group.

In the case of TF1, for example, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau has always been exclusively on Channel+ . But since things went wrong, it's the end of the collaboration. Canal+ does not spare itself to go see other successful television channels.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau quitte TF1 !

When Marie-Sophie Lacarrau replaced Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the public was always loyal to him on the 1 p.m. news on TF1 . After a while, everything turned upside down.

In fact, the number d’audiences decreased constantly and increased in parallel that of his colleague Julian Bugier.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau was therefore forced to stop everything. She must find another emission in order to allow viewers to see a new angle of his abilities.

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