Julien Doré: the singer shares a moment of tenderness that melts internet users

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On Wednesday December 28, Julien Doré published an adorable video that completely cracked his subscribers.

  Julien Doré: the singer shares a moment of tenderness that melts internet users

Subscribers know that Julien Doré remains a very discreet man about his private life and what he shares on social media. Although he is a star in the daily spotlight, he prefers to keep a part of his life for himself. Among the details he prefers to keep to himself, we then find his son, born in March of 2021, but in reality his whole family. So we know few details about his life, other than what he decides to share on social media. As a result, his subscribers try to stay up to date with news through his Instagram account. On December 28, 2022, the latter posted a video on his Instagram account. He decided to share an adorable video of his two dogs that has cracked many internet users . We'll explaine everything here !

Julien Doré publishes a touching video

Despite his discretion about his private life, Julien Doré still remains active on social networks. We can then often find photos and videos of his career, his life and his passions. To the delight of his subscribers, he sometimes takes the initiative to share videos or photos of his son. Although he does not wish to show his face, Julien Doré still wants to show all the love he has for his son , born in March 2021. On Wednesday, December 28, the blonde-haired singer posted a new video. These images have cracked all internet users and followers on his Instagram account. We find it then, near his two White Swiss Shepherds in the mountains . On the much adored videos, he has fun with them.

On the video posted on his Instagram account, we hear him say “ How are you, big guy? » followed by ' Yes, you are very happy. You are very happy '. It must be said that looking at this publication, there is no denying the happy air that the two dogs reject. The former coach of The Voice then takes, in these moments, his role as the master of these two beasts . On the video, the two White Swiss Shepherds keep jumping on him. And this, in particular in search of attention and game. In caption of his Instagram video, Julien Doré wrote a message that resonated with many people. « Who knows this love so true with his pet? ».

Messages of love from its subscribers

Internet users obviously fell in love with the video of Julien Doré with his two dogs. With more than 45,000 likes and many comments, the video immediately went viral. You can read messages such as : ' It is so intense and so true, this relationship that we have with them! The returns home after several days of absence, their joy, their way of sticking to us, their paws which crush our feet, their way of running everywhere, their tumbling to the belly in the air... And us, our can't wait to cuddle them when we approach the house! They are happy, your babies, and they adore you madly, that's for sure ».

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We all know that it is already difficult not to fall for videos with dogs or pets. However, if we add to this a master in the form of Julien Doré, followers couldn't contain their excitement . Other comments then underlined the love that there is between pets and their masters. We can then read: Oh yes they give us so much love in return that we can't live without them. We love our animals! You too Julien we love to see you in concert, your songs, your way of being, you are great! “said another Internet user.

Julien Doré: Back to normal with his son and his dogs

A few days before, Julien Doré had published another video. This video was referring to the fact that his life was finally getting back to normal. Indeed, he posted a video on YouTube titled Back Home. He then tells the end of his Aimée tour but especially the after. The moment he has was able to find his loved ones and especially to find his family cocoon . « No more glitter, no more show business, back to our family life “, he explained. We then see that he was able, after his professional tour, to find his son and his dogs in the Cévennes. And this, the time of a break from his chaotic daily life as a singer.

A moment that proved very emotional for Julien Doré but also his relatives. “I thought it would be nice if we came back here, to the origin of the album, where we shot the first images. It's still a good symbol. Now we have our whole life ahead of us. We will have to write songs. We're going to have to eat kibble.' And this, as he says so well to one of his dogs, Jean-Marc.

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