Justine Cordule: the mother of Large Families confides in the autistic disorders of Tom, her son

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Revealed in Large Families, Justine Cordule explained the disorder suffered by Tom, her second son.

  Justine Cordule: the mother of Large Families confides in the autistic disorders of Tom, her son

Since 2020, the public of TF1 is passionate about the show Families Many , life in XXL. The concept ? The cameras follow the daily life of several tribes, where parents raise many children. Thus, over time, some clans have replaced the previous ones. Thereby, the Pellissard family left the program, but new faces have also appeared. These last weeks, Justine Cordule and her children appear regularly on television . But the parents indicated that these were the last episodes. ' We stopped, because no longer wanted to film shoots, interviews, etc. The children, the same! » Despite this decision, this mother of seven children continues to discuss with the public via Instagram. This Wednesday, she therefore gave explanations on the troubles affecting her son, Tom .

Justine Cordule reveals her extraordinary daily life

From its appearance in Large Families, the young mother has never hidden the peculiarity of little Tom . The young boy has autism. Or, more specifically, autism spectrum disorders. According to the specialists , here is symptoms associated with ASD . 'You will be able to detect the first symptoms of these ASDs before your child is 3 years old. They mainly intervene in the field of: communication; social relationships; behavior and interests. »

Due to her difficulties, Justine Cordule must always adapt, depending on Tom's reactions. Thus, last September, she had already revealed her worries, when the child entered 5th grade. ' So far, everything is going well. I never cry victory! It's a roller coaster with Tom « .

Nevertheless, Justine Cordule indicated that, despite his troubles, Tom seemed to be enjoying his return to school well . « He takes his rhythm with a little more homework in the evening, which is a bit complicated for him and for us! He is now learning Spanish and he loves it! Well, he is no longer with his friend Orlane, as I said at the beginning of the year, and for the moment (yes, I know I always say that) everything is fine! »

Tom and the dentist

Like all mothers, Justine Cordule takes care of the health of her children . Including when it comes to their teeth. Also, lately, she had to take her son to the dentist. However, this kind of meeting can be quite stressful for a young person with autism. By posting some photos of Tom on Instagram , the young mother therefore gave some details in descriptions.

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Thus, Justine Cordule recalls that her son sometimes had difficulty coping with dental care . 'Tom and the dentist, a great love story, no of course I'm kidding! Autism compatible with the dentist?! The beginnings were not easy, already brushing your teeth was complicated! So when we had to go to the dentist, we were really apprehensive! '

Fortunately, over time, Justine Cordule ended up understanding how to reassure Tom . And now, these treatments no longer work with serenity. 'As the years go by, Tom gets more and more confident!' (…) We talk a lot with Tom, we prepare him, we explain to him! All this to tell you! Trust your child! It is just necessary that the child is ready with autistic disorders or not! »

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