Karine Ferri left Yoann Gourcuff for Camille Combal? The host's cash answer!

modified: 2022-10-01 17:01:02

To silence the rumors, Karine Ferri comes out of her silence. She reveals the reasons for her decision. A story not to be missed.

  Karine Ferri

Karine Ferri is one of the very popular animators of the One . For us, she remains the wife of the Footballer Yoann Gourcuff . But lately, rumors have been circulating about their separation. Surprised by this news, Internet users did not know what to think. Moreover, for some time now, we have been able to see suspicious connections between Karine Ferri and her colleague Camille Combal .

Karine Ferri and Camille Combal, friendship or love, what is it really?

We viewers can say that there really is a real complicity Come in Karine Ferri and Camille Combal . They get along wonderfully when they are both on the same set to present to us the emissions . Laughter, good moods are there. This suggests that beyond this beautiful bond , could hide a deeper feeling?

According rumors , Karine Ferri would have decided to put an end to her wedding with footballer Yoann Gourcuff. For one reason only, it would be love at first sight between the two facilitators.

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Surprised by the news circulating, Camille Combal reacted immediately on his Instagram account, not without humor.
'I'm learning it like you... You had to warn me Karine, I don't know, I have to organize myself . »

Following this reaction, Karine Ferri was content to put a hilarious emoji . From their reactions, it can therefore be concluded that they are not a couple .

The host must change her plans

Following this somewhat awkward situation, the beautiful brunette suddenly decided to stop presenting the new season of Dancing with the Stars . Internet users are thus shocked by such a decision.

Whereas the season came from begin. We will no longer have the opportunity to see the beautiful Karine Ferri alongside Camille Combal. At least, for this season.

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For stopper the controversy on the subject, Karine Ferri spoke on Télé-Loisirs: It's a well-considered decision. According to him, his choice had no connection with rumors . In fact, she made it very clear.
'I just want to do something else. And it's always better to leave on a good note . »

She also claimed that leave Dance with the stars would allow her to have more time for herself. She could thus concentrate a little more on many other projects .

Karine Ferri leaves for good Dancing with the stars

It is difficult to really assure if it was because of his little story with Camille Combal . In any case, Karine Ferri has definitely left the plateau of Dancing with the Stars. She doesn't count for now reconsider .

Although she clarified that she had other plans and that her decision was carefully thought out, Internet users are not completely convinced . Nothing will change, she insisted on the fact that it was necessary to know how to listen to her desires. Moreover, one can think that the host does not have to justify herself on this kind of choice. Her personal life and the rest of her career concern only her! On the Web, the rumor is likely to continue to swell , Karine Ferri does not seem to have decided to pay attention to it.

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