Karine Le Marchand insults a filming member like never before during a show!

modified: 2022-09-15 22:07:01

On September 14, 2022, Karine Le Marchand insults one of her teammates during a shoot! She assumes while having fun with the situation.

  Karine Le Marchand

Karine Le Marchand is a well-known presenter on the French channel. The latter showed her real face in the center of the camera, but she does it with a lot of humor. In the following lines, discover the details of this news!

Karine Le Marchand: A great character from a TV show!

Karine Le Marchand is the famous host of the Love is in the Meadow program . Since 2005, the latter has taken up her position as presenter of this great TV show. As a reminder, his program is to find the soul mate of the farmers thanks to the diffusion of their images on the screen. Especially since its role is to study the reciprocity between these candidates.

Karine Le Marchand has appeared many times on the media and on social networks! This great famous character of the French occupies an abyssal place in the realization of this programme broadcast for 17 years on M6. She is undoubtedly the most famous among the directors of Love is in the meadow. In effect, his professional life is at the heart of success.

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Currently, she is asserting herself more to hold her position on the set! Moreover, Karine Le Marchand is a loyal, strict and very direct person in what she does! This is why the latter lasted a long time on her career. Furthermore, the moderator constantly displays his personality in the eyes of viewers and even with his co-workers.

Among other things, she is the close friend of Stéphane Plaza! These two also share the same ideas. However, recently, Karine Le Marchand reacted without control during a broadcast filming . She showed her character in front of the camera and in the eyes of her teammates. In short, she let go!

The host dropped her words in front of the camera!

On September 14, 2022, Karine Le Marchand made her presence felt during of a shoot . Some of his teammates have filmed his reaction to a program participant. A man named Hugo, was the victim of his hurtful words!

Apparently, the presenter of the show Love is in the meadow aim without filter this last. She did not tolerate the fact that Hugo did not assume his role on the show. Indeed, this created a kind of confusion for some!

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Karine Le Marchand, disappointed by what he did, posted her dissatisfaction on Instagram, telling him insanities ! Among other things, she asks someone from the film crew to explain what happened. This person then reports that “ Hugo tells the assistants that Karine can't stand being looked into her eyes « .

The presenter of Love is in the meadow insult while laughing : « that with ! She does not mince her words during filming and some of her colleagues are uncomfortable with her character.

Karine Le Marchand: Her personality on the show!

Karine Le Marchand showed all facets of his character right in the middle of filming! A woman with direct and even shocking expressions for those who are sensitive.

On the other hand, this personality overflowing has been part of his life since the beginning of his career! In short, his professional adventure in the program remains well placed in the eyes of viewers.

Both professionally and personally, Karine Le Marchand directly affirms her personality within her entourage . She also asserted some principles during her interview with Femme Actuelle.

To face the complexes in the center of the camera, it is necessary to assume all the physical defects. In addition, the latter made a point in relation to the reality experienced by the hostesses on television! She advises them to 'be themselves'!