Karine Le Marchand refuses to see this candidate again in Love is in the meadow!

modified: 2022-09-21 18:09:02

Karine Le Marchand animates Love is in the meadow. Mathieu's return poses a problem for him. Details in this article.

  Karine Le Marchand

For more than 10 years , the M6 ​​group created the program Love is in the meadow . An entertainment orchestrated by the beautiful Karine Le Marchand. The show is about helping farmers and breeders in France find true love. In season 15, we were able to find Mathieu and Alexandre. This homosexual couple moved the public.

Possible return of a former participant, is Karine Le Marchand consenting?

Every season , it is rare that the candidates who participate, remain celibate. In the year 2020, the show has decided to broaden its horizons. And for the first time, an announcement homosexual appeared.

Mathieu and Alexandre were therefore the first. In love as ever, their story seemed to never end. Viewers seemed also experience a craze with these candidates. Especially since Karine Le Marchand hosted the show well.

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Their love was , according to netizens, unconditional . Immediately after the show, the two lovebirds got married. They even started a procedure to adopt a child. But their sudden and unexpected decision to split surprised subscribers.

now separated, Mathieu and Alexandre resumed life each on their own . But will Karine Le Marchand take over Mathieu for the new season ? According to Mathieu's confession on the microphone of Télé-loisirs, Karine Le Marchand would prefer to exempt him from his show.

Since his single status, Mathieu has no shortage of suitors!

Following Mathieu's confidence on the advice of Karine Le Marchand and despite his single status, he claimed that he will not be returning to the show either . A very firm decision that the breeder has made.

He even confessed that, since his divorce from Alexander, he is courted by many suitors . He has plenty of choice in relation to his admirers . Mathieu would certainly no longer need the help of Karine Le Marchand to once again find the love of his life.

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So far, he said: I'll have to digest a bit for now.' . On another side , her desire to have a child, this time alone, takes up a lot of her time.

A desire which has become a priority from his view. A big project who cares about him œ ur even if he is all alone right now

Karine Le Marchand: New season, new candidates in AEDLP

Contrary to what one might think , there would be no possible return of Mathieu in Love is in the meadow. Karine Le Marchand will therefore be accompanied new candidates for the next season.

Mathieu, meanwhile, decides to remain single for the time being. He wants to focus on the procedures in the context of obtaining a child. A desire, which despite the decision taken with her ex-husband Alexandre, will not prevent her from achieving it solo.

Thanks to the popularity that he may have had during and after the show, it wouldn't hurt to find love again when he feels ready.

In any case, things were clear between the candidate and Karine Le Marchand. So everyone will go their own way. And Love in the meadow will continue its episodes with new candidates and new love stories.

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