Karine Le Marchand violently clashed by Nadège in Love is in the meadow, she reframes it!

modified: 2022-09-16 21:13:01

Shocking revelations have occurred within Love is in the meadow. This time, it is Nadège who attacks Karine Le Marchand.

  L'amour est dans le pré

The seventeenth season of Love is in the meadow started only a few days ago that conflicts are already looming. Nadège, one of the candidates with a particular profile, openly criticizes the presenter. But how did they get there?

Nadège's journey in Love is in the meadow

As a reminder, the famous program L'amour est dans le pré brings together farmers from all over France with the aim of finding The big love . Each candidate must prove themselves, like speed-dating, to find the ideal suitor. At programme of M6: meetings, exchanges and a lot of emotions.

Recently, some information regarding the upcoming episodes has been leaked to the general public. The events for the choice of Jean have not yet been blurred when the case of Nadège arrives. His appearance was eagerly awaited during the 5th episode of the show Love is in the meadow.

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She multiplies the appointments with her candidates in order to better find the one who meets her criteria . Once she has made her choice, she will invite the two lucky people in his stud. She does not hesitate to criticize any of them in front of the viewers. This one seemed, according to Nadège, “to want to do too much for his wife, for the good”.

A fact that did not go unnoticed by presenter Karine Le Marchand. There follows a rather complicated exchange between the boss of Love is in the meadow and one of her competitors. Either way, the show still has a lot to spare.

Back to the famous altercation!

Nadege, one of participants of Love is in the meadow, do not hesitate to explain your criteria . She is looking for a 'young man, between 30 and 40 years old, with a rugby player profile, protective, charismatic, funny, independent and sociable'.

Which does not seem to be the case for one of his candidates. Karine Le Marchand replies immediately that she would have a few exes to present her. If you want to say something sarcastic like that, don't do it on TV or you'll face retaliation.

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Indeed, Nadège seems to be offended by the words of the presenter , which she immediately qualifies as “dirt”. The farmer advisory specialist doesn't look that angry though.

Maybe it's her way of to assert oneself . In any case, Nadège does not stray from her objectives. She manages to regain control immediately, because she has an important decision to make.

The candidates chosen by Nadège in Love is in the meadow

After noting the pros and cons of each candidate , Nadège finally reveals two names to continue with her. According to the rules of Love is in the meadow, she will invite Corentin and Maxime in his stud. A decision that surprised more than one.

Corentin is a fighting spirit who stays focused on his Goals . He claims to have made a mistake during the speed-dating, but that he is ready to give everything for the rest. Maxime, meanwhile, is able to reverse the direction of the game with his incomparable sense of humor. Discover the rest tonight on M6.