Kelly Vedovelli as a couple? She makes an unexpected revelation about the state of her bank account!

modified: 2022-10-01 02:23:21

The lives of public figures are always of interest to Internet users. That of Kelly Vedovelli is not excluded.

  Kelly Vedovelli

The columnist of Touche Pas à Mon Poste, Kelly Vedovelli, likes to communicate with her fans. Thus, she shares on social networks part of her daily . In addition, the young woman does not fail to give an explanation as to the curiosity of her subscribers.

Kelly Vedovelli posted a snap with an ironic caption!

L’ humours is perfect when it comes to making fun of a situation . Kelly Vedovelli, the famous columnist did the same to talk about her. Indeed, on September 28, she shared on her account Instagram a joke ironic about the state of his bank account.

To put it simply, the post shows a “me” and then a phrase saying “when he uses my $80 night cream.” The star then refers to his account banking . All illustrated by the grimace of Nadal.

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Internet users are therefore curious about the love life of the young columnist. Is she announcing her relationship little by little and with humor.

As a reminder, Kelly Vedovelli already shared a snapshot last August that made people talk. internet users . The concept was a bathtub story. She put as caption 'my man's bathtub' followed by the words 'when he was alone'.

A user harasses the columnist on social networks

Another snap was posted sometime after. It showed a bathtub full of products and the caption read 'since we've been living together'.

In short, the internet users suspect that Kelly Vedovelli previously shared her shower with a man and now the two shares night creams.

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Moreover, although the young columnist lives the perfect love, her situation on the social networks is not however easy. The columnist has indeed been the victim of harassment. To answer it, Kelly Vedovelli published a rant on September 27th.

Recall that the concern arose after the young woman lingered on her phone while she was on the set. A viewer then tackled him on Twitter.

Kelly Vedovelli gave some explanations about her situation

In the post, Kelly Vedovelli addressed the stalker directly. She advised him to find out first and then stop harassing her about Twitter .

She announced that she hadn't seen anything since the start of the show. The columnist also wrote that she has already explained that she does not tolerate her lenses well. The young woman therefore asked for a pair of glasses to be brought to her to replace them.

We can thus see on our screens Kelly Vedovelli with glasses. In any case, the new accessory of the columnist of Do not touch My TV aroused the curiosity of its 785,000 subscribers and viewers.

That's why she wore explanations about his myopia. She could only focus on the broadcast once she could see well.