Kelly Vedovelli betrayed and 'broken' in love? This enigmatic post surprises the Web!

modified: 2022-09-25 20:56:01

Kelly Vedovelli surprised her fans lately with a new publication. Could she be going through a breakup?

  Kelly Vedovelli

The love life of Kelly Vedovelli has always been a big mystery to his fans. The post she made lately seems to give some clues to this. The columnist would have experienced a disappointment in love ?

Does Kelly Vedovelli feel betrayed?

Definitely, Kelly Vedovelli does not fail to surprise her admirers through ses posts on his Instagram account. Lately, TPMP columnist again caught the attention of the latter with this publication .

“In the organ market…the heart costs around 400,000 euros,” she wrote first. What She then continued with 'There are give them your heart for free and they break it.'

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Obviously, this publication on his account @lesquotestoxic lets claim that Kelly Vedovelli has just experienced a disappointment in love. But is it really the case ? As she commented, she will say no more. 'No girls, that's too violent... A little dress.'

Whatever, this post only aroused curiosity of ses subscribers about his romantic relationship. Especially since the columnist always remains very mysterious about his sentimental life .

Always so discreet about his love life

Apparently, the photo que Kelly Vedovelli shared last month could constitute a index . As a reminder, the pretty blonde has published a snapshot of his bathtub. Until then, things seem normal except that there was this legend .

Indeed, the columnist wrote ' my boyfriend's bathtub before adding 'when he was single ' first. Which she then continued with 'since we've been living together'.

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Obviously, for the fans , this publication by Kelly Vedovelli can only mean one thing. She shares her bathroom with a man. In other words, she is in a relationship.

But anyway, one thing is for sure, love life of the columnist always remains one enigma . However, this does not prevent the pretty blonde from remaining also very active on social networks .

Kelly Vedovelli : L'affaire Khadija D

Lately it's about the Kahdija D case that Kelly Vedovelli expressed on her Instagram account. In her publication of September 17, the columnist shared an article from the Courrier de l'Atlas.

Apparently, the latter speaks of the one who was the victim of a intimate aggression. Unfortunately, she didn't get a trial . What the pretty blonde denounces in her post.

Yes Kelly Vedovelli feels concerned by this case , it is because of what Khadija D has been through. Indeed, the latter was the victim of physical violence from his spouse. She then decided to file a complaint in 2017.

It was on September 25, 2020 that the verdict fell. the guilty was sentenced to 8 years in prison , but just for aggression and not for theft. And this, because the victim was not summoned to the trial to give his version of the facts. Without a doubt, the Limoges public prosecutor's office forgot to call him.