Kelly Vedovelli excluded from TPMP? The columnist goes into exile in the south of France…

modified: 2022-09-12 14:15:02

Kelly Vedovelli was spotted recently in the south of France. While the columnist was expected on the C8 channel!

  Kelly Vedovelli

The columnist of the TPMP show , Kelly Vedovelli, was recently absent from the set of the emission , while the other participants were present. Due to this, the viewers wondered and started jumping to conclusions about her. What is it about ?

Kelly Vedovelli: A fairly present participant in TPMP

TPMP returned to the antenna of C8 recently. In the last episode, we saw Kelly Vedovelli, a columnist who once again dazzled viewers of the show. Not only by her beauty, but also by her beautiful personality.

However, the public noticed that she was less and less present in the channel's flagship program. But according to her, this absence is due to her sickness which forced her to stop filming.

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Kelly Vedovelli then specified that during her absences, TPMP can replace her with one of her colleagues on the show. But recently, during the last broadcast of the show, the candidate aroused the curiosity of viewers.

Clashed by Cyril Hanouna

During the broadcast of 'TPMP', while the new candidates were presented to the public, Kelly Vedovelli displayed herself very serene. Indeed, she is delighted to have been able to preserve her position in the program.

And as the young woman must represent the '6 to 7' like the other candidates, she did not agree to participate in the new experience. This is what justifies her leaving to her other expert colleagues the place of the pros to animate the '6 to 7'.

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After Kelly Vedovelli made this statement, Cyril Hanouna joked about the real reason for his presence on the show. The host said it's the physique of the columnist who has it rendered in the show. A joke that did not delight the young woman at all. Indeed, this young woman has several skills. Also, she wants to be truly recognized for her work. And she can't stand being reduced to a pretty appearance.

Kelly Vedovelli: Is she excluded from TPMP?

On September 8, during the broadcast of the 'TPMP' program, Kelly Vedovelli was not present on the set of the show . A absence which has not gone unnoticed by the public.

Indeed, last year, the columnist did not show up on the set several times. This is one of the reasons why the candidate justified herself to viewers.

But for this time, Kelly Vedovelli was surprisingly in the south of France and specifically in Saint-Lopez. And that even if all the other candidates were on C8, another surprise for fans of the program.

The latter have just begun to speculate that the young woman may have been made exclude of the show. Viewers are very curious why the program has discarded the columnist . A story that we are eagerly awaiting the sequel to find out more.