Kelly Vedovelli grilled smoking in TPMP? The Web scandalized by his gesture!

modified: 2022-09-14 21:04:02

Kelly Vedovelli, the TPMP columnist shocked viewers during her live! She made an inappropriate gesture that surprised them!

  Kelly Vedovelli

Kelly Vedovelli , the show's columnist TPMP shocked viewers! During her big live, she held a vape to enjoy the debate with her teammates! In the following lines, discover the details of this news!!

Kelly Vedovelli: The beautiful columnist asserts herself more on the set of TPMP!

Kelly Vedovelli, une popular columnist in the show TPMP! Lately, she has been more and more active on the set and even on the networks. Moreover, the latter always thought of protecting his status as a debater of the programme .

A somewhat reserved columnist ! No more for this year! She reveals herself in front of all the viewers since her career is at the center of success . But also with his loyal teammates from the show televised TPMP!

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Every week, Kelly Vedovelli takes part in daily debates. The latter is also the heroine for his fellow columnists . Moreover, it is the small protege of the team, including Cyril Hanouna ! On the other hand, this pretty blonde no longer hides her habits in front of the camera .

His teammates have also noticed the evolution of his personality on set . On the one hand, this change covers an idea of ​​adaptation to one's surroundings. On the other hand, his actions do not go unnoticed by the public. Indeed, the question arises: Does Kelly Vedovelli Know Her Limits ?

She held a vape in her hand during her live!

Kelly Vedovelli is without embarrassment in front of the viewers! During his time at TPMP , she was enjoying the moment while smoking his electronic cigarette . Especially since on the networks, the latter thought she was free!

During the debate presented by Cyril Hanouna , the columnist smoked and square live! On the other hand, the latter did not think she was at the heart of the camera! An act that caused the rage du public !

Especially since with his gestures and his words without filter , her teammates begin to move away from her. Once again, the latter did not realize her status in the TPMP show !

The columnists have therefore chosen to replace Kelly Vedovelli with Géraldine Maillet who is also an important character in TPMP. Indeed, his daily habits have destabilized his image in front of viewers and his screen team!

Kelly Vedovelli: His actions have created a great controversy!

Many viewers were shocked at the way he acted on the set of TPMP. Others have also taken the word to eliminate it from the show . Thus, Kelly Vedovelli received from endless reviews on the networks as well as in the media.

Those who were upset quickly judged his way of life. Total disrespect for the fundamentals of the program !

Indeed, on Monday, September 12, 2022, Kelly Vedovelli's team was left speechless by this impertinent act . However, they have kept a rather negative image for this one. Especially since recently, Kelly has criticized the subject of the disappearance of the Queen of England .

Among others, the internet users also posted their comments on his account. In short, could we still consider his success in his career as a columnist?