Kelly Vedovelli: the columnist of TPMP must undergo a delicate operation

modified: 2023-01-12 23:06:01

On January 10, 2023, Kelly Vedovelli confided in her fans. And according to her, her neck surgery is coming soon.

  Kelly Vedovelli: the columnist of TPMP must undergo a delicate operation

Remember, in mid-November 2022, Kelly Vedovelli, the famous columnist of “Touche pas à mon poste” revealed to Internet users that a big ball appeared on his neck . Worry, the main concerned immediately went to the doctor. The verdict is in: even if it's nothing serious, the young woman, on the other hand, must have an operation . In Instagram story on January 10, 2023, Kelly Vedovelli once again confided in her subscribers. According to his words, it is not to be taken lightly . Discover his confidences.

'It's nothing serious, it's a lipoma'

This is a new blow for Kelly Vedovelli. In fact, for some time Pretty Blonde Faces Health Glitches . As a reminder, she has already had an operation to correct myopia.

'It's painless. If you have any questions, I can tell you a little more about it, ”she exclaimed on this.

You should know that before wearing glasses, Kelly Vedovelli had worn contact lenses . Alas, she could not bear to wear them so the young woman decided to wear glasses . An accessory that suits him perfectly, it must be said. And it is not the Internet users who will say the opposite .

If Kelly Vedovelli has since corrected her myopia, a new problem has arisen . A ball appeared on the neck of the thirty-something. What to worry about and push her to consult. She goes to the ENT and since then, radio silence. But on Thursday, December 1, she remembered that she had only given no news to his community . Faced with a rain of questions on the subject, Kelly Vedovelli took the time to reveal what was in store .

“For the ball I have here, I have good news. It's nothing serious, it's a lipoma [a benign tumor made up of fat that generally causes no complications, editor's note]. You have to remove it because it gets bigger and it's very disturbing, but it's nothing serious, ”she revealed.

Kelly Vedovelli: she has to undergo an operation

Kelly Vedovelli then specified that she would probably do the operation January 2023 because it takes time for it to heal afterwards. And, as she plans to go on vacation this month, it looks complicated .

“In addition, we will need a week of rest afterwards. So with the holiday season, it's going to be too complicated to have surgery before. It's an operation that lasts an hour and a half and it's not an emergency because it's a benign thing. But you have to remove it. More fear than harm. It's also very aesthetic, in the sense that I can no longer support my head with this ball, ”she said.

Knowing what really happened, Internet users were somewhat reassured . Nevertheless, they hope to hear from the columnist for her operation. Precisely, on January 10, 2023, Kelly Vedovelli gave news of her .

A delicate operation?

According to what she confessed in her Instagram story, the big day is coming .

“My ball about which I spoke so much and for which you ask me so many questions. It doesn't matter, I told you that last time. And I already have an operation date, it's February 14th. No comment. “, she said.

While on February 14, 2023, many are already preparing romantic evenings, Kelly Vedovelli, she is going to have her neck operation . No romantic evening for the columnist therefore, but rest.

If she clarified again that his lipoma was not serious , she added, however, that the situation was nevertheless delicate . Still in the story of her Instagram account, she wanted to clarify:

'It's stuck to the vocal cords. So the operation is still quite delicate. This is not to be taken lightly. I went to see a doctor, who recommended another doctor to me because it's quite delicate in the sense that you don't have to damage my vocal cords and you also have to make a scar, as it's in a place quite visible, which is quite discreet. But if it's visible, it doesn't matter, it's life. As long as they take this huge thing out of my neck, that's the main thing. »

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