Kelly Vedovelli: this very daring request to Cyril Hanouna on the set of TPMP

modified: 2023-01-06 21:18:02

For the new year, Kelly Vedovelli seems to have made a very embarrassing wish out loud for Cyril Hanouna.

  Kelly Vedovelli: this very daring request to Cyril Hanouna on the set of TPMP

For many months now, rumors have been swirling about Kelly Vedovelli and Cyril Hanouna . claiming indeed a relationship between the two colleagues. But, if the two seem to deny this, it must be said that Kelly Vedovelli does nothing to fix things . After two weeks of vacation, she seems to have returned unleashed, but above all without embarrassment. We'll explaine everything here.

Kelly Vedovelli, the rumors

Since Kelly Vedovelli joined the columnist team of Cyril Hanouna, the rumors fuse. Between the reasons why she was able to go from DJ to columnist or even the looks or thoughts she throws at Baba. One thing remains certain, the rumors do not start from nothing . It must be said that between the two, there is often a closeness.

We remember, for example, a very close-knit dance between the host and the beautiful Kelly Vedovelli , the looks that do not deceive, or even some words that are a little out of place. In terms of ambiguous lyrics, Kelly Vedovelli a recommencé . While the host asked a simple question to his columnists. The young woman has found a way to make the situation even more ambiguous. What make many people uncomfortable in the face of this scene.

The good resolutions of the Touche team not at my post

So when you get back from vacation, Cyril Hanouna asked its columnists for their New Year's resolutions. But, he seemed far from expecting Kelly Vedovelli's response . So, around the team table, many fairly classic resolutions were able to resume . For example, Raymond wants to play sports, Géraldine Maillet would like to improve in tennis. Or even Gilles Verdez who wants to calm down with the controversies and Matthieu Delormeau to stop getting angry with people. Although for the latter, it already seems to have failed given his comments on the film by Omar Sy.

There are also two other slightly different wishes. For example, Géraldine Maillet who wants “ less pounds and more sex ” or even Kelly Vedovelli who expects something from Cyril Hanouna. In her own words, she wants a “ galoche ” from the host. And if she wanted him since Christmas, she asked again.

The annoying request

Indeed, it seems that already at Christmas, Kelly Vedovelli wanted a 'galoche' from Cyril Hanouna . A request to which he did not yield. But for the new year, she does not change her mind. “ So I have big resolutions. Already, I would like to resume my course of medicinal substance to calm myself down a bit because I felt that I was starting to be a little too nervous at the end of the year . I would really like to be calm this year, so I'm going to take this little cure concocted by my regular sorcerer ”.

But, Kelly Vedovelli quickly continues with “ Then, you know that we can make wishes for the new year? We wish each other wishes, but we can also wish them… So I would like to wish to finally have my galoshe from you . I see that it clogs everyone and me I never saw the tip of your tongue ”. This request made Baba uncomfortable and he quickly changed people.

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