Kelly Vedovelli: 'What are you talking about Barbie?' Amandine Pellissard gets loose in TPMP

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Amandine Pelissard defended herself in TPMP after criticism of her retraining. She mainly attacked Kelly Vedovelli.

  Kelly Vedovelli: 'What are you talking about Barbie?' Amandine Pellissard gets loose in TPMP

Alexandre and Amandine Pelissard became known thanks to the program 'Large families: life in XXL'. Recently, the couple converted to X content creation . This new career is the subject of a report broadcast by Jeremstar. They talked about their daily life in the face of their new career. The public is simply outraged. The subject was discussed this Monday, January 30 in TPMP . The next day, the Pelissard couple and Léo, their eldest son, came to confront the chroniclers , including Kelly Vedovelli, on the same set. We take stock in this article.

Kelly Vedovelli and Guillaume Genton criticize the Pelissard couple

In a documentary broadcast by Jeremstar, Alexandre and Amandine Pelissard unveiled their reconversion in the X . The new career of the leading couple of 'Large families: life in XXL', is making a lot of noise. Parents of 8 children, they claim that they only mentioned this detail to their eldest son , Leo.

It was therefore inevitable that the subject arrives on the set of TPMP . On Monday, January 30, the columnists said they were very shocked.

'I'm too angry. I watched them in Large Families and they were endearing and really cool. But seeing things like that, I'm disappointed. There is an unhealthy atmosphere. When we see that they store their accessories in the sofa where the children go, ” protested Kelly Vedovelli.

According to her, it is not impossible that the latter may fall on the material of the couple .

Guillaume Genton shares the same opinion as Kelly Vedovelli. The columnist does not condone the fact that the couple carry out their activities on the couch where their children watch youth programs . He explained that it was easy to save a screenshot to media found on the internet. According to him, sooner or later, their offspring would know .

'We must stop the massacre, it is extremely dangerous what they are doing in relation to the children,' he said.

Géraldine Maillet, for her part, said:

'I want to cry, it's creepy and sordid. It's creepy! (…) . They do what they want with their lives. But we know them thanks to their children (…) I think that there are social services that will intervene. It is a scandal. »

Kelly Vedovelli violently tackled by Amandine Pelissard

This Tuesday, January 31, Raymond spoke directly to Alexander .

“Take charge of your family, take charge of yourself. Play your role as a man. Don't leave your kids in trouble like this,” he said.

His comments are received by a very angry Amandine Pelissard .

“You just have rage, you don’t love anyone! “, she says.

Kelly Vedovelli continued:

“We are not going to pretend! », .

The mother, already very reassured, so took it out on her .

'What are you talking about, Barbie, do you have children?' You don't even know what you're talking about, we're still the same parents we were a year ago! Statements like that are unacceptable. You are with your signs to judge! Do you have the right to life or death over our kids? “, she swung.

“It’s shameful, you hurt me! I said it on the air that I loved you! “retorted Kelly Vedovelli.

But his reply did not calm his interlocutor . Obviously, Amandine Pelissard did not digest at all the comments of the columnists of the day before.

“Comments like that are unacceptable. Since yesterday you two, we see you, you have only one chance, it is that we are not present on set when you spoke, ”continues the ex-candidate of Large Families.

Léo Pelissard, involved in confrontations

“You are there for the buzz, the clash, the scandal…”, swung Géraldine Maillet, for Amandine Pelissard.

But this one turned to the writer ironically :

« The puritaine, the well-thinking of Wish ! ».

The mother does not see why her activities are a problem, because his children do not have access to it . According to her, only an education problem can explain the fact that kids can come across X content. That said, she has confidence in the way she raises them . Amandine Pelissard says she has nothing to worry about.

Léo Pelissard even said:

“Me, I feel good, after that leads to questions that my parents made such a choice (…) We are all brought up in a freedom to be and to speak, we talk about everything with our parents (… ) I thought maybe they're going to piss me off at school, but no, I didn't notice that (…) I respect their choice (…) People who judge, I fuck with them (… ) Me, my life has not changed”

Geraldine Maillet reacted saying :

'I don't feel like I belong. I'm embarrassed and I'm sorry for you Leo.'

What Amandine Pelissard replied:

“You are odious, leave my son alone! »

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