Kendji Girac: the singer confides in his duet with Florent Pagny

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In the columns of 'We Two', Kendji Girac evokes his duet with Florent Pagny. He notably returned to the cancer of the latter.

  Kendji Girac: the singer confides in his duet with Florent Pagny

A year ago, Florent Pagny announced to his fans that he had cancer r lungs. The singer was therefore forced to cancel his tour. That's not all ! He was obliged to undergo heavy treatment and possibly stand away from the stage to rest. Today, Florent Pagny is fine. The former coach even got back in the saddle by sharing a title with Kendji Girac , titled “Again”. On January 17, 2023, precisely, Esmeralda's father came to talk about this collaboration in the columns of 'We Two'.

Florent Pagny: this day when he knew that something was wrong

Before the diagnosis fell, Florent Pagny felt that something was wrong with him . Indeed, suffering from Covid-19, the singer suffered from a persistent cough which prompted him to undergo extensive examinations.

Azucena Caamano, his wife then testified saying :

'He told me 'As soon as my test is negative, I'll do a lung x-ray because something is wrong, Azu'

His wife told him that he should first wait and calm down. By doing the analyses, the verdict is in: Kendji Girac's friend suffered from lung cancer . He had to start treatment.

He goes through chemo sessions

Faced with his cancer, Florent Pagny decided to follow a heavy treatment . Remember that he was a coach on the show “The Voice”. Despite this, he did not leave his foals . On the contrary, the friend of Kendji Girac went into warrior mode to fight off his illness .

A courage that had the gift of touching his fans. These latter supported him in his fight . On social networks, many people have shared messages of benevolence and full of positivity for the father of Inca. Of course, his family has been there for him too and supported him, including his wife .

Of course, Florent Pagny didn't get knocked down , but little by little, the signs of fatigue were showing. That's not all ! Chemotherapy tires the coach more and more. Moreover, a few weeks after starting this heavy treatment, the singer lost his hair . He then displayed a new look, which shocked many people.

Kendji Girac: his great friend is fine

The efforts of Kendji Girac's sidekick were not in vain. During her chemotherapy sessions, her cancer is shrinking . With pride and relief, the principal concerned keeps sharing the news with his community .

The singer finally saw the end of the tunnel. But while his state of health is gradually improving, Florent Pagny surprised more than one by announcing that he was going to have to withdraw from the media world .

In fact, the singer needed to spend a little more time with his family in Patagonia. Nevertheless, he promised his fans that he would return someday. And thing promised, thing due!

Kendji Girac and Florent Pagny form a duo

Florent Pagny first announced, via social networks, that he was fine. The good news then followed one another since this one confessed that he would return to the stage from the year 2023 .

“I am in a fitness phase. But well, if all goes well, next year we will finally meet together to sing and seek individual donations that allow the development of research, 'he said on the set of the show Taratata, on France 2.

And the projects don't stop there! In the columns of the magazine 'We Two', Kendji Girac has announced that the two men have formed a duo and shared the track “Encore”, taken from the album “L’École de la vie”.

The duo they have formed is important in the eyes of Kendji Girac. Still according to him, this is the first time that the husband of Azucena Caamaño had been singing since the announcement of his illness .

'I think it's the first title he's done. We had been talking about it for two or three years. For me, it was a dream… and he accepted, ”he confessed.

The then gave news in relation to the voice of Florent Pagny saying :

“We recorded the title when it was already much better. It had been a long time since he had sung and we find the power of his voice intact. »

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