Koh-Lanta: Claude Dartois, his influencer salary revealed

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On TF1, Koh-Lanta is one of the programs most followed by the public. But a former participant faces serious charges.

  Koh-Lanta : Claude Dartois, son salaire d'influenceur révélé

Since 2001, this cult program fascinates the French . Moreover, it breaks longevity records, with already 30 seasons broadcast on the first channel. But Koh-lanta also had its share of scandals and controversies. Thus, in 2021, a dark affair of clandestine dinners tarnished the image of the show. Facts relayed, in particular by the magazine Gala . Between four and five adventurers would have walked several times to the Sunset Beach Motel on the island of Raiatea. (…) Once there, locals welcomed them and served them hearty meals in exchange for financial compensation. » Allegations that the former candidate, Claude Dartois, denies vigorously.

Koh-Lanta participants in turmoil

Based on endurance and physical resistance , this program puts the candidates to the test. Most often, they are divided into two teams, which must compete to win victory in Koh-Lanta .

More on filming locations, living conditions can also be difficult . Particularly in terms of food. Also, the facts revealed a few months ago seriously damaged the image of some participants. The production of Koh-Lanta had described this story in a press release. “ Indeed, for a few weeks, we have received oral information according to which certain competitors could have fed themselves punctually by means which are not in the rules of Koh-Lanta. »

A thunderclap for certain personalities, who became famous thanks to the program. Thereby, Laurent Maistret feared that his career would be 'fucked up' after this case. But for Claude Dartois, also targeted by c are you accused s, no question of letting his rumors impact his professional projects.

Claude Dartois wants to be reassuring about his career

With more than 17 victories to his credit in Koh-Lanta, the former master driver recently spoke to the newspaper Le Parisien. ' Everything is fine. I come out of a week of work with my boss. And my partners have renewed their trust in me.'

It must be said that after so many passages in this emission , Claude Dartois had no trouble meeting other challenges. From now on, his professional activity goes through social media. But he also gives prestigious conferences for l’agence VIP Consultating . According to the director of this company, he derives a good income from it. » I It is not so far from the prices of a Denis Brogniart ”. Let us thus recall that the animateur of Koh-Lanta pockets 15,000 euros per event.

According to other partners of Claude Dartois , these accusations do not prevent him from working. According to Franck Cymes, brother of the famous Dr Michel Cymes confirm. ' It does not change anything. He is a very nice and very popular person. Cheating on game shows is none of our business.'

The one who knew glory thanks to Koh-Lanta never accepted the rumors that ran on his account. And he did not hesitate to react from the start, in a rather eloquent way. » It made me smile to see that those who spoke were those who were not there. Me, I have never expressed myself on seasons in which I did not participate. »

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