Koh-Lanta The sacred fire: this new 'talisman' rule that will upset the new season

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A new unpublished edition of 'Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire' will be broadcast this Tuesday, February 21 on TF1. It looks more strategic.

  Koh-Lanta, The sacred fire: this new 'talisman' rule that will upset the new season

“Koh-Lanta: the sacred fire” was filmed in the Philippines s, in summer 2022. The producers have also based themselves on a Filipino legend and introduced a new rule e. Also, the season will be marked by a talisman with formidable power. Whoever possesses it can take advantage of the immunity conferred on it. But at the same time, he can decide to extend it to a member of the opposing team e. This next season promises to be intense and even more strategic than the previous ones. We take stock in this article.

What is the new talisman rule in the holy fire?

The production of Koh-Lanta the sacred fire, can't wait to air the new season . But we have to wait until Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 9:10 p.m. Its shooting in Caramoan, a region located in the east of the Philippines, from August 9 to September 17, 2022.

Like every year, this last one will be intense, however, a special rule was introduced this year . The producers based themselves on a local myth to create it .

'A legend says that a God hid his power in the bowels of the Mayon volcano. In the show, the power of the sacred fire is contained in a talisman, which we had sculpted on site in the volcanic stones,” explains Julien Magne, program producer.


From day one, this amulet will be awarded to an adventurer who will have won an individual game. He grants him immunity during the council. But he can also use it to protect his teammate .

“If it is the other tribe that goes to the council, then the holder of the talisman goes to the opposing camp where he can discuss, take the temperature, interfere in the strategies”, adds the producer.

This new power changed everything .

“The game is really open. The best way to realize this is that 80% of the adventurers eliminated on the councils fell from their chairs, or rather from their logs”, rejoiced Julien Magne.

Obviously, they did not realize they were being threatened.

Koh-Lanta the sacred fire: 'We were unable to predict what was going to happen'

The person who holds the talisman has a lot of power . The mighty object returns to him at every council. It is only taken away from him when his team loses a comfort test. If the case arises, the candidate must pass the amulet to a member of the opposing tribe .

“It gives disrupted, multi-shot strategies, two- or three-cushion games that some will play wonderfully and others will suffer,” said Julien Magne.

In fact, the amulet is not the only disruptor in the game . Koh-Lanta the sacred fire, also counts the immunity necklaces without forgetting the secret weapons. Under the camps, the candidates can therefore perform a double or even better a vote hijacking.

“Sometimes, during filming, we anticipate what may happen because we have information on what is going on in the camps. But, with the talisman, it happened that we were confused. We were unable to predict what was going to happen to the council a few minutes before the start of the discussion, ”confessed the host Denis Brongniart .

A great “diversity of profiles”

The program brought together 20 adventurers from Belgium, France and Switzerland. 10 men and 10 women aged between 22 and 56 will surpass themselves over the weeks .

“We happened to do castings with more athletic profiles. There, we changed our gear a bit, we came back to what makes the salt of the show: the diversity of profiles, “said Alexia Laroche-Joubert, producer of the show.

The candidates come from professional and socio-cultural backgrounds quite different. According to Denis Brongniart, 'there is a cheese maker, a subway driver, a dog training specialist...'

The host said that this year, the level is very high .

“Never has the game been so present. The adventurers enjoyed playing with different interpretations of the rules, different ways of justifying their ability to be a strategist at one time or another, to join one group or another. It amused us a lot. »

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