Kris Jenner Accused Of Sexual Assault (!!!) As Bodyguard Amends Claim

We informed you in 2015 about the unwanted sexual advances claim versus Kris Jenner— and it simply got a lot even worse.

Previously the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s previous bodyguard, a guy called Marc McWilliams, implicated her of a “pattern of undesirable and undesirable sexual advances and otherwise bugging misbehavior.”

That pattern, McWilliams declared, consisted of the 64-year-old exposing herself, inquiring about his sexes, recommending they take part in a relationship, and rubbing him on the neck and shoulders over and over once again in spite of him asking her not to. He likewise stated he was ultimately fired for rebuffing her advances– which, while potentially a true blessing thinking about the racist, hostile workplace he declared, would still protest the law.

But was it even worse than he stated?

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He formerly declared she triggered “her hand to rest on (his) thigh and groin” as part of the bigger pattern however did not go any additional with that description. He is now implicating the KarJenner momager of sexual attack, stating she full-on searched his crotch.

In a brand-new filing today gotten by, McWilliams is now explaining a “especially stunning” occurrence which he states took place on October 22, 2017.

According to the modified grievance, Kris was driving her Bentley with McWilliams in the guest seat– where she ‘d informed him to sit– and chose to go from absolutely no to weird in 10 seconds:

” She started making remarks to complainant [McWilliams] of an overtly sexual and flirty nature … Without caution, Jenner put her right-hand man on the within upper left thigh and groin location of McWilliams in a way that was overtly sexually offending. She then triggered her right-hand man to go up the upper, inner left thigh and groin, while touching McWilliams.”

Oof. She did it while he was in a position where he could not get away if this is real it implies not just did Kris molest this bad guy. As a guest in a moving lorry, you’re basically captive to the motorist’s impulses. You can’t leave, and if you attempt to combat them off you might trigger a mishap.

McWilliams states he did all he could, turning his body away– however that she simply touched his “inner groin and genital location” as he did.

The filing keeps in mind the 44-year-old was “stunned, mentally distressed and upset” at the “unwanted and outrageous” physical contact. He likewise declares to have actually struggled with “psychological and physical discomfort … health problem … loss of sleep, anxiety” and other illness because his use.

Wow, that is a lot.

If you questioned whether Kris would simply settle to sweep this under the carpet, the response is a company NO. Her lawyer Michael Rhodes launched a declaration making it clear she prepares to combat, loudly:

” This claim, submitted back in September, has yet to be served on Ms. Jenner and includes occasions declared to have actually taken place more than 2 years earlier. The accusations are not just incorrect and outrageous, however appear created to persuade Ms. Jenner into silence through a settlement. This will not take place.

Rather, Ms. Jenner completely plans to look for vindication at trial, equipped with proof that will reveal the falsity of the claims being made. Following that, Ms. Jenner will pursue all of her readily available legal treatments to secure her reputation and track record and to hold those who brought this fit liable.”


Does this action modification how YOU feel about the accusations ??

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